Amanda Nunes is highly regarded as the greatest women’s mixed martial artist of all time. even though she had a setback early on in her career, she has been undefeated since 2014! She is currently competing in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), where she is the present women’s Featherweight and Bantamweight champion. Defending both belts consistently.

She is the first ever woman to hold two belts in two different weight divisions in the UFC. However, she is the only fighter to defend both titles whilst holding them simultaneously! Nunes is definitely one of the greatest mixed martial artists pound for pound, showing us that she has the MILITAR MINDSET!


How has Nunes displayed the MILITAR MINDSET?

Nunes has been able to show us just how strong her MINDSET is throughout her life! When Nunes made her professional mixed martial arts career debut in 2008, she actually lost! She submitted in the first round of the fight, starting her career on a negative. This did not put her off in the slightest as she still went on to achieve her dreams.

She regrouped and came back stronger, winning her next six fights. None going past two rounds! Nunes has now developed into the greatest woman’s fighter in the UFC in her weight divisions and pound for pound. She would win her first UFC title in 2016 after defeating Miesha Tate via a submission, becoming the UFC women’s bantamweight champion.

In 2018 she would then go on to become the UFC women’s featherweight champion after knocking out Cris Cyborg! Nunes has shown that she is both mentally and physically strong allowing her to compete in two weight divisions simultaneously, being the champion of both. She has shown just how confident she is in her abilities after saying she is ‘the greatest of all time’ and saying that she has ‘proved it’.

This is hard for anyone to argue against looking at her resume where she has defeated various numerous former champions such as Ronda Rousey, Cris Cyborg and Valentina Shevchenko just to name a few! Nunes has shown us all that anyone can come back from failure and adversity to reach the pinnacle of their craft. You mustn’t be deterred by failures as they  build you up to accomplish your goals in the long run.


Nunes is INSPIRING people across the globe!

Nunes has INSPIRED many people with her journey and the heights she has been able to reach in her illustrious career. As we have already seen, she lost her first fight, so at this point not many people would’ve visualised her becoming the most dominant ever women’s UFC champion!

Though Ronda Rousey was the one who led the women’s MMA emergence with her early domination, going 12-0 in her first 12 fights, Nunes had the torch passed to her when she defeated Rousey and continued to elevate the sport. Rousey would show women that MMA was a viable career for them too bringing in a lot of mainstream attention to the UFC when she competed and growing the UFC women’s division from non-existence.

Nunes would pick up from where Rousey started and continued to show the power of women’s mixed martial arts. Nunes became a world champion in two weight divisions, becoming the first ever woman to do so! She has shown that women can be considered the greatest fighters of all time too with her dominant performances.

Nunes has won her last 11 fights in a row including wins against various former champions! She has shown how great a fighter she is, inspiring others to chase their dreams in both martial arts and mixed martial arts.

As shown in the header image Nunes has said ‘I’ve lost before, i fought my way back, and now I become the champion’. She shows us that you can come back from anything and still achieve greatness. She wanted to prove the people wrong that doubted her and was inspired to achieve her biggest dream. You must always power through adversity and keep aiming high!


Nunes can do whatever she wants… she is LIMITLESS

Nunes is the epitome of LIMITLESS! Achieving what she has done already has proven this. One of the key moments that cements her legacy as one of the greatest mixed martial artists of all time was when she went up in weight to face one of the most feared women’s fighters of all time, Cris Cyborg!

It was a fight that many critics thought she would lose due to the strength and size of Cyborg. No one thought Nunes would be able to deal with her in the octagon.  Prior to the fight, Cyborg was on a 20-fight win streak! Losing just her first bout and going on to win all bouts, mostly by knockout, remaining undefeated for 13 years!

Cyborg dominated anyone that stepped foot inside the octagon to fight her, many thought the same would happen with Nunes as she was the one stepping up in weight. Well, Nunes sure did prove them all wrong! She did the impossible and knocked out Cris Cyborg in just the first round! She hurt Cyborg whilst she was being pressured and finished the fight off in spectacular fashion!

Nunes has previously stated ‘You know, whatever people say, nothing’s going to change it – what I think, what I’m capable of.’ Nunes shows us that deep down she knows what she is capable of, no matter what people say. She believes in her abilities and knows she can achieve great things, even when no one else thinks she can.

You must be limitless in your approach to achieve your dreams to gain the greatest rewards! Don’t think about what people say, just prove them wrong through your work! 


Nunes is able to reach her own INNER-PEACE

Nunes aims for INNER-PEACE. She likes to spend time with her family outside of the octagon. Her family drives her to compete to the best of her ability, so that she can provide the best life for them. She recently had a daughter in 2020 too. 

Nunes has said ‘I’ve lost before, you need great people around you, your family, people giving you positive energy.’ Showing us that her family gives her a lot of support throughout the highs and lows of her career. This enables her to stay both physically and mentally strong. Allowing her to return from her setbacks with the greatest possible results. You must use that which you hold close to your heart to drive you to achieve your goals. 


Nunes understands why giving things TIME is important

Nunes has been patient throughout her career. Giving things TIME to eventually reach the heights she has risen too. She turned pro in 2008 but wouldn’t get her breakthrough moment fighting for the UFC women’s bantamweight championship belt until2016. That was 8 years of work that Nunes had to put in to get to that moment.

She realised that to achieve great things she would need to be patient in her approach and not rush the process. Prior to MMA she would compete in jiu-jitsu and judo tournaments. This helped to prepare and improve her martial arts skills over time. Nunes always had belief in her own abilities and knew she would become one of the greatest fighters of all time.

Nunes told us ‘All the things I went through, my losses, those really helped me.’ Though she had setbacks, she knew it all happened for a reason. It made her stronger in the long term, allowing her to bounce back to accomplish greater achievements.

She had visualised it all stating, ‘I’ve been training for Ronda Rousey since my first fight in the UFC.’ This shows her self-belief but also patience as she knew she would get to the top once she had developed and gained the experience she needed over time. To accomplish great things, you must be patient in your approach, don’t rush the process and let it all play out!


Nunes remains ACTIVE 

Nunes had to make sure she was ACTIVE to get to the top of the division. Upon entering the UFC Nunes was 7-3, having had both good and bad moments in her career up until this time. She would go on to win her first 2 fights in the UFC but would lose to Zingano in 2014. Since this defeat, she has never lost!

Currently she is on an 11-fight win streak! Nunes aims to fight 2 to 3 times a year. She has assured us that she is ‘going to keep on making history.’ To do this she knows she must stay active and defend her titles to cement her legacy. Not only is she active in one, but two weight divisions! Being the first ever fighter in the history of the UFC to defend both titles whilst holding them simultaneously.

She has currently defended her bantamweight belt 5 times and her featherweight belt once. This truly is historical as no one has been able to defend two belts at the same time. Nunes is the embodiment of hard work, showing us how she came from nothing to become one of the greatest. By staying busy and active she has surpassed all the expectations people had of her. You must always be active when chasing your dreams. By staying active you will start to see progress towards achieving your dreams, and turning them into reality!


Nunes keeps proving that she is RELENTLESS!

Nunes has shown time and time again that she is RELENTLESS! She was  counted out after her losses, but has only come back stronger. Achieving accomplishments no one thought she would be able to. Her hunger and drive to be regarded as the greatest women’s mixed martial artist of all time has shown through her fights in the octagon and the work she puts in prior to the bouts.

She has displayed dominance in her fights putting her in a league of her own. Fighting in two different weight divisions is remarkable in itself, never mind being the champion of two! Moving up and down in weight is extremely hard to do, but Nunes has shown even if it seems impossible that she can do it. 

She told us ‘I started my career with a loss, getting ‘slapped’ by life.’ Beginning her career with the worst possible start didn’t deter her at all. Losing her first ever professional fight wasn’t the way she would have wanted to start her career. But this loss made her hungrier and stronger to strive towards her goals.

It gave her the drive to go on and prove everyone wrong and chase her dreams. You must stay relentless in your approach to achieving your dreams and not let any setbacks deter you from your ultimate dream! 

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Nunes is one of the greatest mixed martial artists of all time and will definitely go down in history as one. We can learn from her and see how you can go from the lowest of lows to the highest of highs. Literally!


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