September 10, 2021

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Anderson Silva is highly regarded as one of the greatest mixed martial artists of all time. During his prime fighting years, he went on a remarkable 17-fight win streak (16-fight win streak in the UFC) which won him 11 world title fights.

He currently holds the record for the longest ever title reign in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), holding the middleweight belt for 2,457 days!

Silva is known for his immense striking skills as well as being a black belt in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu. Allowing him to finish the majority of his fights within the distance during his title reign.

He often showboated in the octagon showing his evasive movements and was able to display his clinical striking by finishing opponents. Anderson Silva has shown us the MILITAR MINDSET!


How has Silva shown the MILITAR MINDSET?

Silva has developed his strong MINDSET from a young age. He was born in Sao Paulo, into a poor family. He spent a lot of his childhood with his aunt and uncle who was a police officer in Curitiba.

Due to the lack of money his family had; Silva could not afford to have martial arts lessons. Instead, he was  introduced to Brazilian Jiu-jitsu by training with the fellow neighbourhood kids who were able to attend lessons.

His family worked hard and set some money aside, allowing Silva to finally start training in Taekwondo classes at the age of 12. He then went on to train in Capoeira then in Muay Thai at the age of 16.

We can see from Silva’s childhood that he was able to develop mental toughness. From seeing his family struggle to provide him with martial arts classes, he was grateful and dedicated to his martial arts training.

This dedication to his craft gave him that confidence when he fought. He was able to understand the importance of hard work and continued to work and earn his way to the top of the combat sport.

Silva tells us ‘What motivates me is to be able to do what I love to do, which is to fight.’ Teaching us the importance of pursuing your passions. Silva was able to find the motivation to train. Becoming the best he possibly could be because he loved what he did.

From this passion he was able to focus his mind on his training and improving his skills. His belief in himself was fuelled by his work ethic and vision to be a successful mixed martial artist.

Keep your mindset strong on your own journey. You must continue to work hard to pursue your own dreams. There is no easy way about it. Continue to work hard and you will see yourself progress!


Silva is an INSPIRATION to many people!

Silva has been able to INSPIRE people all over the world! He went from having nothing to becoming one of the biggest stars in the UFC.

In his prime, Silva was a spectacle to watch. His ability to defeat his opponents consistently using his crisp and accurate strikes, as well as his submission skills was historic.

He went on a legendary run which saw him make 10 UFC titles defences in a 16-fight winning streak in the UFC! He showed people that anything was possible, as long as you had the determination and belief to do it.

Many current UFC fighters such as UFC middleweight champion Israel Adesanya were inspired by Anderson Silva.

Seeing his ability to dominate and win fights in such spectacular fashion, inspired him to become a great UFC champion in his own right taking after Anderson Silva.

He was the biggest star in the UFC during his reign and many people were inspired by his journey. From being someone that could not afford martial arts lessons as a child, Silva kept working and improving his craft till he reigned supreme at the top.

As shown in the blog header image, Silva tells us ‘Life is about how much you can take and keep fighting, how much you can suffer and keep moving forward.’ Teaching us that you must keep pushing through the problems you face.

To reach the top, Silva had many obstacles that he had to overcome. Though they were tough, he kept pushing through and kept working towards his dreams.

He had the tenacity to face any adversities that stood in his way from achieving his goals. You must stay focused and dedicated in your own journey to achieving your goals. There will be problems you will face, but you must keep pushing through them!


Anderson Silva is just LIMITLESS!

Silva has shown us that he is LIMITLESS! He was just a child that had a dream. Now he is an MMA fighter that will forever be remembered in history as one of the best.

Starting off his MMA career in 1997, Silva first fought locally in Brazil. His first taste of gold was when he became the Shooto middleweight champion in Brazil in 2001, just 4 years into his professional career!

Silva went on to fight in Pride where he found great success too. His next title came in the former British MMA organisation of Cage Rage where he became the middleweight champion. He continued to fight in Pride too fighting in both organisations.

Silva went undefeated in Cage Rage defending his belt three times, till he finally got the call up to the UFC. Immediately Silva found himself in a title eliminator for the UFC middleweight belt where he defeated Chris Leben in the first round via knockout.

His next fight was for the UFC middleweight title against Rich Franklin who he also knocked out in the first round . Just two fights into his UFC tenure and Silva was the UFC champion!

The rest is history as Silva went on his iconic run that saw him defend his belt 10 times holding the title for 2,457 days! Silva has also competed in the light heavyweight division, which is not his natural weight.

We can see that Silva kept working and pushing himself throughout his career. Starting off just fighting locally, Silva continued to elevate himself, joining bigger promotions till he reached the pinnacle of MMA by winning a UFC world title.

Recently, Anderson Silva also thought in the boxing ring, defeating former world champion Julio César Chávez Jr! Though aged 46, Silva continues to defy the odds and push himself.

Silva was limitless in his approach and continued to work up to his ultimate dream. Silva states ‘You can’t give up on your dreams.’

Reinforcing that you must never stop working towards your goals. Through continuous work and belief you will one day be able to reach your desired aspirations.

We can see that Silva himself never lost sight on his ultimate dream and continued to work his way up till the opportunity arose. You must be limitless when chasing your own dreams. Always aim high and keep working your way up !


Silva is able to find his own INNER-PEACE

Silva is now able to reach a state of INNER-PEACE. Martial arts have played a big factor in this. Ever since Silva started to train in martial arts, he has been obsessed with it.

Practising in many different styles over his years of training. Silva has said ‘I come to fight because I love to fight. It’s my life.’ Showing us that by pursuing his passions he is able to reach his own inner-peace.

Training regularly and making sure he is in fight shape is something that Silva loves to do. As he now comes towards the end of his career, he still continues to train.

Allowing him to stay in good physical and mental shape. Silva also tells us ‘I always have to be me.’ Teaching us that we must always stay true to ourselves.

By staying true to himself, Silva is able to maintain his inner-peace. For you to find your own inner-peace you must always be yourself and pursue your own passions.


Silva knows the importance of TIME

Silva has been able to learn the value of TIME over the years. We can see this throughout his career as he constantly had to work his way up till he made it to the pinnacle of MMA. The UFC.

It was not a sprint for Silva, but a marathon. It took him 9 years to get to the UFC after turning professional. But once he entered the UFC, Silva found immediate success. He prepared himself well for the UFC by building up his skills and experience in other organisations.

Many people are able to enter the UFC, but staying in the world’s premier MMA organisation is another challenge in itself. Silva made sure that he perfected his craft in smaller organisations.

Working on improving himself as much as possible before entering the UFC. He took the UFC by storm going on an amazing run as he prepared himself for that moment for the last 9 years.

Silva also suffered a horrific leg break against Chris Weidman during their rematch for the UFC middleweight title in 2013. Many people thought that would be the end of his career.

But Silva had the dedication and willingness to return, coming back in 2015.

Though he did not return in the same form he was in prior to this, he still held his own competing against the best fighters in the world.

Silva told us ‘I think I’ve been through all the phases of the sport. I won, I lost, I got injured. Now I get to do what I love, with my truth, without worrying about what people will say or things like that.’ Showing us that he has been through it all.

Through time, he has been able to experience both the highs and the lows. Silva has been able to learn from all of this and improve himself.

You must be patient when chasing your own goals. Through time you will be able to experience both the highs and lows. But it will all be necessary for you to learn and improve to get closer to your ultimate dream.


Silva still remains ACTIVE!

Silva has been ACTIVE his whole life! Ever since he was able to afford martial arts lessons, he was hooked. Going from Taekwondo to Capoeira to Muay Thai.

Silva continued to stay active in the gym and worked on improving his skillset. Before he turned pro in MMA, Silva worked different jobs such as working in McDonalds.

When he finally turned pro he started to fight frequently in Brazil before fighting in different organisations in Japan and England. He was fighting in many places, which allowed him to see the different styles in the various areas.

In fighting people from different countries, he was able to learn from the many styles he faced and used this to improve his own game.

When he entered the UFC, during his reign, his  aim was to fight 2 to 3 times a year.

Silva has said ‘My losses and my victories are in the past. I think of the future. After a fight is over, it’s in the past. I always have to go back to the gym and train to improve in all areas, winning or losing. I think I can always do better next time.’

Teaching us that after a fight is over it is in the past. No matter what the result is, he knows there are ways he can improve himself. With this mindset of continuous growth, Silva was always able to return to the octagon as an upgraded version of himself.

He was never content with where he was at and always looked at how he could get better. To do this he had to stay active. When he is not fighting he still stays active in the gym in order to become a better martial artist.

Staying active is crucial when you are working towards your own goals. You must always look to be continuously improving yourself so that you can one day reach your major aspirations.


Anderson Silva is RELENTLESS!

RELENTLESS, is one way to describe Anderson Silva! From a young boy that couldn’t afford any martial arts lessons, he went on to become one of the greatest mixed martial artists we have ever seen.

He was truly passionate about mixed martial arts which enabled him to reach the pinnacle of the combat sport. He went on a legendary run in the UFC middleweight division, that will forever be remembered for the dominance and skills he displayed in the octagon.

He went through anyone that was put in front of him to hold the title for an incredible 2,457 days! Though after his leg injury he was not able to reach the heights he once had.

He still stayed committed to his MMA career, fighting only the best in the world, though he was no longer in his prime.

Silva stated ‘I give my heart for this sport. I give my leg for this sport. I give my time for my family for this sport.’ Showing us just how dedicated he was to his MMA career.

He sacrificed everything for the sport so that he could become one of the best. Giving the fans fights and moments to remember for life!

When it comes to achieving your own dreams, you must have a relentless approach. Stay committed and dedicated to achieving your goals and one day you will reach the ultimate dream you desire!

Anderson Silva will forever be remembered in the history books as one of the greatest mixed martial artists of all time. From the mindset he displayed to reach these incredible heights, is something we can all be inspired and learn from.

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