Coming from the outskirts of Guadalajara in Mexico. Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez has evolved into one of the best boxers today. He is a four-weight world champion and on top of the pound for pound rankings for many outlets.

Canelo’s record is outstanding. After 59 fights, he has had just one blemish on his record from when he faced Floyd Mayweather over 7 years ago.

Compiling a record of 56-1-2 (56 wins, 1 loss and 2 draws). From this fight onwards, Canelo has been dominant , showing how he is constantly improving his game.

He is currently competing actively in the super middleweight division, where he aims to unify the belts in the weight class. Canelo continues to chase greatness and has proved himself to be one of the greatest boxers of this era.

He has shown us how to apply the MILITAR MINDSET!


How has Canelo displayed the MILITAR MINDSET?

Canelo’s MINDSET has played a pivotal role in getting him to where he is today. He has always stayed positive and strong mentally.

Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez was born in Guadalajara, Jalisco moving to Juanacatlán at the age of 5. He was born to Ana Maria Barragán and Santos Álvarez. 

Alongside his siblings, they were raised on the family farm, where Canelo would first take an interest in horseback riding. Though he wouldn’t pursue it, it is still something that Canelo does to this day, having his own horses. 

Canelo is the youngest of eight siblings. All of his older brothers became boxers, so he followed in their footsteps.

His real name is actually Saul. The name ‘Canelo’ means cinnamon in Spanish and he was given the name due to his ginger hair. People would bully Canelo at school for the colour of his hair, causing him to get into many fights as a child.

Through boxing he would find peace and a channel through which to express himself.  He started boxing at the age of 13 after watching his brother Rigoberto make his professional debut.

Canelo showed his talent and skills in the amateur ranks where it is believed that he complied a record of 44-2 (44 wins and 2 losses). Due to a lack of competition at his age, he turned professional at just the age of 15!

To do this Canelo really did need a strong mindset as usually an amateur boxer wouldn’t turn professional until their early 20’s at least! Canelo was dedicated to improving his craft at this young age and really wanted to achieve great things.

He has said: ‘I’m the kind of person who visualizes things before doing them.’ Here we can see how Canelo operates. He is able to visualise his dreams and then work them into existence.

Through this, he is able to clearly see what he needs to do to attain his goals. His self-belief comes from the work and vision he has for himself.

Canelo knows what he wants to do, so he makes sure that he takes action! You must make sure that you have a strong and positive mindset. Visualise your dreams. Believe in yourself. Then continue working until they are no longer dreams, but reality!


Canelo is an INSPIRATION to people all over the world!

Canelo has been able to INSPIRE people with the achievements he has accomplished so far . At the time of writing, Canelo is 31 years old, but has already achieved world titles in four different weight classes!

He is the true embodiment of hard work and dedication towards your goals. Canelo has told us previously that he believed his childhood had a big part to play in this. From just the age of 5, he helped his father who sold lollypops and snow cones.

From a young age Canelo was able to learn the essence of work ethic and responsibility. This translated well into his boxing career, where he is now dedicated to improving himself all the time. Making sure he is in the best condition possible before his fights.

From his childhood we can see the struggles he had to endure. At such a young age he didn’t have much money and had to help his family to be able to provide a living for themselves. He has now become one of the biggest stars in boxing.

Many people look up to Canelo, especially in Mexico. He represents his country with pride. Many Mexicans now dream of being like Canelo, as he has shown how he went from nothing to one of boxing’s biggest superstars!

Canelo inspires us all by teaching us that dreams are attainable. As long as you had the dedication required to persevere through the adversities you face, one day you will be able to reach your dreams, just like Canelo.

Canelo has stated: ‘I’m focused on being the best, making history.’ Cleary indicating his ambitions. He is completely dedicated to achieving his dreams and nothing will stop him.

Though he has faced setbacks before, such as the loss to Floyd Mayweather, this hasn’t stopped him. Canelo continues to edge closer to his dreams and overcome any adversity thrown his way.

You must keep looking forward and keep working hard. Setbacks are inevitable, but it is how you come back from them that will count!


Canelo has already shown us that he is LIMITLESS!

Just seeing Canelo’s accomplishments , we know that he is LIMILTESS! Winning his first world championship, the WBC light middleweight (super welterweight) title in 2012 at just the age of 20!

This is a truly remarkable achievement to become a world champion at such a young age. Many fighters do not turn professional at this age, never mind win a world title!

Canelo only got stronger in the division and was able to win numerous belts as a light middleweight (super welterweight). He fell short against the defensive wizard Floyd Mayweather, losing all his belts in the light middleweight division in 2013.

But this loss taught Canelo a lot. He came back much stronger from this failure and it is evident in his performances thereon!

He was able to develop much slicker counter punches and defensive movements after this fight.He then went up to the middleweight division where he won his first world title in the weight class in 2015.

Canelo defeated the great Puerto Rican fighter, Miguel Cotto by unanimous decision winning The Ring and WBC middleweight titles.

Canelo defended his word titles and moved up a weight class again! He continues to push and test himself against the best in weight categories where people are much bigger than him. He won his first world title in the super middleweight division in 2018.

Canelo faced Britain’s Rocky Fielding, where he was able to dismantle his opponent and win via TKO in the 3rd round.

Canelo then aimed even higher than this! He moved all the way up to the light heavyweight division, where the fighters were a lot bigger than him.

This didn’t deter Canelo as he wanted to continue to push himself beyond his perceived limits. Canelo would face the dominant Russian champion, Sergey Kovalev, ending the fight late with a KO in the 11th round to become the WBO light heavyweight champion.

Canelo told us: ‘I’m very happy with what I’ve accomplished, but we’re going for more.’ From this we can see what Canelo wants to achieve in his career.

Though he has already achieved remarkable feats in his career to date, he wants to keep going! Canelo is limitless and wants to really see what he is capable of. Reaching his full potential. To do this Canelo must aim high, doing things people don’t think he is capable of.

You must be limitless in your own approach to you dreams. It may look impossible  but how will you know if you never try?


Canelo finds his own INNER-PEACE

Canelo has been able to reach his own INNER-PEACE. Boxing is Canelo’s life. It is all he has known and done from a young age. It allowed him to express himself and release any anger and stress he may have had from being bullied.

All his brothers are boxers too, making it a family affair. Outside of boxing, Canelo likes to spend time with his family and children. Having had a tough childhood, he wants to be able to provide his kids with a better lifestyle than he had.

Canelo has told us: ‘I just love what I do. I’m not worried about any burnout’ Showing us that boxing is his true passion and love. It brings him peace of mind as he is pursuing his true dreams.

Canelo also likes giving back to the people, having endured a tough childhood himself, he aims to help out where he can, helping others that aim for a better life just like he did.

Over-working is not an issue for Canelo as he sees it as something he wants to do all the time. To find your own inner-peace you must pursue your true passions. From this you will enjoy the work you do and step closer towards your dreams.


Canelo has learnt about the value of TIME

Though Canelo has been able to achieve so much, in his career so far, he has still had to be patient and learn the importance of TIME!

Canelo has been involved in boxing for the majority of his life.

He was always fighting and training with his brothers, and had his first recorded amateur bout at the age of 13. He won the silver medal at the Junior Mexican National Championships in 2004. Then he went on to become the 2005 Junior Mexican National Boxing Champion.

As there were not many willing to face Canelo in the amateur ranks, he turned pro as he looked to chase his dreams as a boxer. He achieved this first milestone at the age of 20 winning his first world title in the light middleweight division.

As we can see from this time period, this was 7 years of solid training for Canelo to reach his first goal of becoming a world champion. This is just from the fights we know of too; he was training from probably even younger!

So, the dream of becoming a world champion has always been on top of Canelo’s wish list. From here he just got better and better as he continued to achieve greatness and cement his legacy as one of the greatest boxers.

Canelo has stated: ‘The more desperate you are, the more mistakes you make.’ Teaching us to always be patient. Trying to rush things only makes things harder for you. Canelo has had to be patient in his career, especially when starting off.

He had to build up his confidence and skills in the ring before he could challenge for the prestigious world title. He couldn’t just turn pro then straight away challenge for the title! He had to learn and develop his skills.

When chasing your dreams be patient and give things time.

You will most definitely face tough situations on your journey towards attaining your dreams,  but you must persevere and learn from your hardships. Learning from the tough times will make you stronger in the long term. 


Canelo has always been ACTIVE

From when he was a child to now, Canelo has stayed ACTIVE! As we already know, Canelo didn’t have the easiest upbringing. Working from such a young age he would learn to take on responsibility and was always active.

This transferred perfectly into his boxing career where he is required to train constantly to improve and remain on top. Canelo is always in the gym working on his craft.

He knows that by staying active in the gym, he will be able to transform his skillset, which will translate into his fights in the ring. We have seen this by watching Canelo grow in the sport of boxing.

He has come a long way from the kid that turned pro at 15, to now one of the major stars in boxing. As well as boxing Canelo has other ventures too.

He is heavily involved with charity work and likes to help out those who are less fortunate, especially as he could relate to this from his own childhood.

Canelo tells us: ‘My job is to train hard, go fight, and do my best.’ Clearly showing us his state of mind when it comes to his craft. He understands what is required of him and what he must do.

The only way for him to guarantee that he can do his best is by constantly training and remaining active. You must stay active and be constantly working towards your dreams.

You will only get the results you desire from constant work and progression. Don’t be lazy. Be active!



Canelo really is RELENTLESS! Having dreamed of being a world champion from childhood. Canelo has been able to achieve his dreams and go beyond them.

His determination and hard work has brought him to the point he finds himself today. But he plans to continue to break barriers and exceed expectations.

Canelo has made it clear: ‘I want to be like a Muhammad Ali, like a Julio Cesar Chavez. So when people talk about boxing, they have to remember Canelo.’ He wants to achieve legendary status. Having already shown how great a fighter he is.

Canelo now wants to be in the history books. Remembered for years to come, past his own time. This is Canelo’s ultimate dream. All the fights he wins. The titles he wins in different weight classes. All leads to that ultimate goal.

So far he is on the right track to becoming a legend in his own right!

Canelo was relentless in accomplishing his goals so far and will continue to be. You must be relentless when it comes to striving towards your own aspirations. Continue to put the work in and you will see the results!

Canelo is one of the greatest boxers in the modern era. His journey truly is inspiring, seeing where he came from and where he is now. Through his mindset and what he has been able to achieve, we can all learn from Canelo.

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