Charles Oliveira- MILITAR MINDSET

Charles Oliveira is currently one of the best mixed martial artists in the world. He reigns as the lightweight champion of MMA’s premier organisation, the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC).

After initially joining the UFC as a 20-year-old in 2010, it would be a decade till Oliveira finally reached UFC gold.

His chance came in May 2021, where he faced former Bellator champion, Michael Chandler, defeating him via TKO in the second round.

Oliveira holds many records within the UFC, including the most finishes (17) and submissions (14) in the organisation.

Oliveira has overcome a lot of adversity throughout his decade long UFC career so far, struggling to make weight when at featherweight and suffering losses.

However, he never lost sight on his dream and goal of becoming a UFC champion and persevered till he got there. Charles Oliveira has the MILITAR MINDSET!


How has Oliveira displayed the MILITAR MINDSET?

Oliveira has shown us just how strong his MINDSET is with what he has been able to achieve so far in his life. Born in the favelas in Guarujá, São Paulo, Brazil, Oliveira was raised by his mother Ozana Oliveira, along with his younger brother, Hermison Oliveira.

As a child, Oliveira loved to play football. His first dream was to become a footballer, idolising the likes of Pele. However, at just the age of 7, Oliveira was diagnosed with abnormal heart murmurs as well as bone rheumatism that targeted his ankles.

At such a young age, he would be in hospital a lot. As well as this, his family were poor and worked hard to make sure they could cover Oliveira’s hospital bills.

Doctors had told him he may never walk again, but Oliveira refused to quit. At just the tender age of 7, his mindset was strong and he was able to make a full recovery.

After spending 2 years in hospital care, Oliveira was finally able to resume back to his normal life, with the use of injections that he had to inject every 15 days for several years.

Oliveira would also help his mother out and would work from a young age, helping his mother to sell cheese salads.

At the age of 12, Oliveira made some friends who were taking jiu-jitsu classes. Oliveira and his brother went along for the first time and thoroughly enjoyed it.

Due to their financial situation, his mother could not afford the lessons. They were able to receive free lessons and Oliveira would excel from there.

He competed regularly in Brazilian jiu-jitsu (BJJ) tournaments, soon transitioning over to mixed martial arts where he made his amateur debut in 2007.

Oliveira would go on to be awarded his black belt in 2010 by Ericson Cardoso and Jorge Patino Macaco.

Oliveira says ‘Gratitude for everything that I have been through.’ Teaching us to always be grateful for everything we have. Oliveira had a very tough childhood, but he didn’t reflect on the negatives, he was positive and was thankful for what he did have.

The tough times he endured as a child, especially when ill, showed how strong Oliveira’s mindset really is. ‘I will do my best all the time.’

Oliveira reiterates as he shows us that we should always give it our all.

He believes that whatever we do, as long as we try our best, we can be satisfied knowing that we truly did all in our power.

You must make sure that your mindset is positive and strong when pursuing your own dreams. You must overcome any adversities you face and continue to work hard. Don’t be negative, be positive!


Oliveira’s journey is INSPIRATIONAL

Oliveira has INSPIRED us all with his journey so far. Raised in poverty, Oliveira never gave up on his dreams. He has faced many adversities but refused to quit, which is something we can all take inspiration from.

At the age of 20, Oliveira would be added to the UFC roster, holding an impressive record of 12-0, which he compiled fighting in Brazilian organisations.

It would be a tough start to the UFC as Oliveira failed to win bouts on a consistent basis. Many bouts he would struggle to make the featherweight limit, so he ended up going up to lightweight.

Oliveira was finally able to put a consistent run together from 2018, when he defeated Clay Guida by submission in the first round.

Since then, Oliveira has gone from strength to strength, winning all his bouts. His impressive performances and win streak finally landed him the UFC title shot he had dreamed of since a child.

In May 2021, after 10 years within the UFC, Oliveira finally had his opportunity to win UFC gold against the collegiate wrestler and former Bellator champion, Michael Chandler.

Chandler was new to the UFC, having had just 1 fight within the organisation, but he was vastly experienced in another well-known MMA organisation, Bellator, where he was the 3-time Bellator lightweight champion.

The fight didn’t start great for Oliveira. Though he attempted a rear naked choke, he was hurt by Chandler on the feet and was close to being finished but was able to survive the round.

Coming out to the second round, Chandler was full of confidence and it looked like he was going to get the win. Oliveira stayed relaxed; he was composed.

He knew how long he had waited and how hard he had worked for this opportunity, so he came out for the second round ready and strong.

Immediately, Chandler swung and Oliveira was able to catch him with a beautiful left hook which dropped him. Chandler jumped back to his feet, but was hurt badly, so Oliveira was able to get the finish.

Oliveira jumped out of the cage as he celebrated in joy, he was the new UFC lightweight champion of the world. It was a great moment for him, after all the struggles he had faced, he was finally able to reach his dream.

That day he also broke the record of the most finishes within the UFC, as his win over Chandler marked 17 finishes within the organisation.

During his post-fight interview, he showed how much it meant to him as he was emotional, but also congratulated his hometown people as he represents them with pride.

His nickname ‘Charles Do Bronx’ means ‘Charles of the favelas’, as he is proud to represent his people and won the title for them as well as himself.

He is a big inspiration to his people, showing them that anything is possible, as long as you never give up and keep working hard.

As shown in the blog header image, Oliveira tells us ‘It’s never easy we have to see if we can take it.’ Showing us that chasing your dreams is not an easy process.

We must take the opportunities when we have them and give it our all. Oliveira was able to do this throughout his life so far, as he took the opportunity to train in Brazilian jiu-jitsu for free, which he gave his all, allowing him to now reach the level he is at.

You must take the opportunities that present themselves to you when aspiring towards your dreams. Continue to work hard and don’t let the failures you face deter you on your journey, as they will only make you stronger!


Oliveira continues to be LIMITLESS!

Oliveira has always been LIMITLESS! Coming for the favelas in Guarujá, São Paulo, not much was expected from Oliveira.

He always wanted to reach his true potential and show that anything is achievable. Once he started training in Brazilian jiu-jitsu, he fell in love and was obsessed with martial arts.

Oliveira initially started competing in BJJ tournaments when he was a child. His first major win came when he was victorious in the Sao Paulo State Championship in the Junior Division, in 2003 as a white belt.

Oliveira continued to win tournaments, showing his potential and skill within the sport. In 2006, he would go on to win 16 medals in major tournaments, both in his weight class and open weight divisions.

In his BJJ career he won titles such as the CBJJE World Championship in 2007 as a blue belt. It was during this year in 2007, that Oliveira started to train in mixed martial arts as he aimed to transfer into the combat sport.

After competing in BJJ for a few years, the then 18-year old Charles Oliveira wanted to aim even higher. He had already showed his skills in BJJ, but now wanted to show what he was capable of within MMA.

It was a big transition, as in BJJ only ground fighting and submissions are used. No strikes are thrown. Oliveira would need to develop himself in the other departments such as striking and wrestling. 

He had his first amateur fight in 2007 and went on to turn pro in 2008. In just 2 years he compiled a perfect record of 12-0, showing that he was a talented MMA fighter, and one of the best in Brazil.

Again, Oliveira aimed higher. Cementing himself as one of the best MMA fighters in Brazil, he wanted to showcase his skills to the world.

Oliveira wanted UFC gold. His goal was now to become the number one fighter in the world at his weight class. He got the call up to the UFC in 2010.

Though it was a tough start, with many ups and down, Oliveira never lost track of his goal of becoming the UFC champion. Every time he came short he dusted himself back of and went again.

He was limitless and it allowed him to keep going till he reached that ultimate goal.

Oliveira finally did get the chance to fight for UFC gold, which he took with both hands as he was victorious against Michael Chandler in 2021, becoming the UFC lightweight champion of the world.

Oliveira states ‘I feel like a lion I feel like I am ready.’ Showing us how he is ready to take on any challenges.

He describes himself as ‘lion’ showing how he is fearless and believes anything is attainable for him.

Oliveira continued to challenge and push himself further each time, accomplishing more and more. Now that he is the UFC champion, he won’t stop here!

He now aims to become one of the best UFC champions of all time as he plans to keep hold of the title and defend it.

When chasing your dreams be limitless. Set yourself the biggest goal possible and work your way up towards it.

Each smaller goal you fulfil, will step you closer to that bigger goal. Keep working hard and one day you will reach the pinnacle of your dreams!


Oliveira is able to find his own INNER-PEACE

Oliveira is now able to reach a state of INNER-PEACE. He does this by prioritising what he holds dearly to his heart. He loves martial arts; it has done a lot for him.

He is truly passionate about competing in MMA, so training is fun for him as he chases his goals within the sport, he tells us ‘I am well physically, mentally and spiritually.’

Showing that he has been able to reach a state where he is well in all manners.

It wasn’t easy for him to reach this point, as it took him time to develop and find out what he needed to do this reach this equilibrium. As well as this, Oliveira likes to help his people.

He knows the struggles the people face where he grew up, so he aims to help and guide them towards their own dreams. He often helps out and gives food to those that need it back in his hometown in Brazil.

Being raised with very little, Oliveira is grateful for the position he now finds himself in and aims to help those in need. Oliveira is also a Christian which helps him to reach a state of inner-peace too.

Oliveira has stayed true to himself, though he has reached high levels of success, he has always been himself and no-one else. You must be yourself to reach your own inner-peace. Find out what you are truly passionate about and pursue that to find inner-peace!


Oliveira shows us the value of TIME

If anyone knows about the importance of TIME, Charles Oliveira does! As we know, his martial arts journey began at the age of 12 in Brazilian jiu-jitsu.

Oliveira wouldn’t reach UFC gold till he was 31 years old! That was 19 years of pure hard work from Oliveira, as he went through his ups and downs.

Notably, Oliveira has been a part of the UFC roster since 2010. This means he has been fighting within the UFC for just over 10 years!

This makes his achievement even more remarkable, as many times it looked like the UFC belt would evade Oliveira, but he stayed patient and never gave up on his ultimate goal.

Every time he faced adversity, he learnt from it and it allowed him to improve himself. The experience he has gained from fighting in the UFC for so long has played into his favour, as he has been able to learn so much from both his wins and losses.

Moments where Oliveira has had to show patience and time has come in the parts of his career where he has struggled to win fights consistently.

He started of his UFC career perfectly, with 2 wins from 2 fights, both being finished within the distance. However, he would then lose the next two fights making his UFC record now 2-2.

This pattern repeated, as again he would win a few fights, but then again he would lose a few too. In order to reach UFC gold, you must win fights consistently against the best fighters in the divison, which is something Oliveira struggled to do.

Weight also seemed to be a problem, as Oliveira failed to make the featherweight weight limit on a few occasions. Though frustrating for Oliveira, he didn’t stop.

He took each loss as it came and he learnt from it. Oliveira would eventually step back up to the lightweight division where he was able to perform much better, not having to cut as much weight.

In 2018 he defeated Clay Guida, which sparked the start of a great run of wins for Oliveira. He went on an 8-fight win streak, making it undeniable for him to finally get his shot at the world title.

Oliveira tells us ‘It took a long time but everything happens in the time of God. I was very calm. I knew it was going to happen.’ Showing us that he always believed he would become the champion.

Though it took him a longer time than other champions, he still kept at it and never gave up.

Oliveira was patient and continued to evolve and work on himself till he finally made it to his ultimate goal.

You must be patient and give things time when chasing your dreams. Things won’t always go to plan.

You must be prepared and ready to learn from those shortcomings and evolve, so that you can one day reach the end goal.


Oliveira remains ACTIVE!

Oliveira always stays ACTIVE! Starting Brazilian jiu-jitsu at the age of 12, he actively trained and competed in BJJ up until 2007, when he moved his focus over to MMA.

Oliveira had his MMA debut in 2008, where he competed in the Predators FC event in São Paulo. He started of his MMA career as a welterweight and competed in the Predators FC Welterweight Grand Prix.

He fought 3 times that night, winning all fights in the first round (1 by submission and 2 by TKO)! Fighting 3 times on one night is no easy task!

Oliveira had to be active in the gym making sure he was physically and mentally ready for the task ahead, especially as it was his first professional MMA fight on the night too.

Oliveira built up his name and resume in Brazil, fighting for many different organisations such as the well-known Brazilian MMA organisation, Jungle Fight.

After compiling an impressive 12-0 record, Oliveira got the call up to the UFC in 2010. The next 7 years would be full of ups and downs for Oliveira, he would go on to compile a UFC record of 10-8 (10 wins and 8 losses), as he struggled to perform at his best consistently.

Though he wasn’t always winning, he reflected on the losses and went back to the drawing board, improving each time. He stayed active in a time where he faced many hardships, as he knew he could only learn and improve from the mistakes he made.

Oliveira actively stayed in the gym and continued to work hard, knowing one day his efforts will reward him. This is exactly what happened.

His victory over Clay Guida was the start of an amazing 8-fight win streak, which saw Oliveira finally fight for UFC gold, his lifelong childhood dream.

Oliveira never gave up on this goal and continued to stay active. He was actively training as a child for his BJJ tournaments and he brought this work ethic to his MMA career too.

Oliveira now plans to stay active as a champion too, as he wants to cement himself as one of the best UFC champions in the world and of all time! ‘I like to stay busy!’

Oliveira tells us, as he knows that in order to reach his goals, he must be constantly working.

By staying busy, Oliveira stops himself from procrastinating, moving forward towards his goals each day.

Oliveira states ‘I am living the present I am living in this moment now.’ Showing us how he takes each moment of time as it comes.

He looks at what he can do right there in that moment of time, in order to progress and evolve further.

Make sure that you remain active throughout your journey towards attaining your goals.

As long as you are constantly working, you are progressing each day, getting closer and closer to the desired end goal. Keep your eye on the ball and stay active!


Oliveira is just RELENTLESS

Oliveira has shown us that he is RELENTLESS. A kid from the favelas in São Paulo, nothing much was ever expected from him.

Ever since a child, he always wanted to accomplish something great in his life.

When he faced his illnesses at the age of 7, he was told he may never walk again, but he never gave up on himself and believed he would go on to make a full recovery, which is exactly what he did.

Oliveira has constantly been faced with many adversities throughout his life. He never quit. Every time he was faced with adversity, he faced it head on and overcome it.

He was relentless. Many times, Oliveira could have quit and gave up on himself. Especially in the UFC, when he was struggling to get on a consistent win streak.

Losing is tough and can be hard for fighters to take, especially when they have prepared and trained so hard for it. Oliveira had to face this feeling multiple times.

He could have accepted that the title would never be in his grasps, as he was so far from it. This was never the case for Oliveira. He was relentless each day to improve and get closer to his childhood dream.

Not many would have thought that Oliveira would go onto become a champion, but he always knew. He has faced adversity so many times that he has become accustomed to it!

Oliveira stated after his win over Chandler, when he became the UFC champion ‘I am proving to everybody I am the lion of lions.’ Showing us how fearless he is.

Oliveira has the heart of a lion, a phrase used to describe someone’s belief and willingness to never give up. Oliveira was relentless to get to the top of the UFC.

Each time he faced a failure, he was never deterred from his end goal, coming back stronger. He now aims to continue his reign as the champion of the world, proving that anything is possible.

Be relentless when chasing your dreams. There is no easy route. There will always be trials and tribulations that you must face. It is about how you overcome and learn from those struggles that you endure. Never give up and keep on striving forward!

Charles Oliveira is one of the best mixed martial artists at this current time. His story is something we can all take inspiration from, as he continued to face many adversities, but he never gave up on his dream. Though people doubted him, he never doubted himself.

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