Claressa Shields- MILITAR MINDSET

Claressa Shields is one of the most iconic boxers in women’s boxing. The self-proclaimed ‘G.W.O.A.T’ (Greatest Woman Of All Time) has gone one to achieve just about everything!

Claressa won her first gold medal at the 2012 Olympics at the tender age of 17. Then she went on to win another gold medal in 2016! Shields is a 3-weight world champion in the professional ranks.

Reigning as the current undisputed light middleweight champion and former undisputed middleweight champion.

She holds the record for becoming both the fastest 2-weight and 3-weight world champion in the fewest number of fights. All these incredible achievements and she is still only 26!

Shields aims to extend her resume into the realm of professional mixed martial arts, where she will have her debut on the 10th of June 2021. Claressa Shields continues to defy the odds as she strives on to chase greatness, she definitely has the MILITAR MINDSET!


How has Shields displayed the MILITAR MINDSET?

Shields has moulded her tough MINDSET from a young age. She was raised in Flint, and  did not experience the greatest childhood. Her father was in and out of prison for drug dealing and her mother has faced problems with alcohol abuse.

As the oldest sibling, Shields had to help to raise her younger siblings. Even to the extent that if there was not enough food for her, but enough for her siblings, she wouldn’t eat. When her father came out of prison when Shields was 9, he would talk to her about boxing.

He too was a boxer who competed in underground leagues. This intrigued her, so she decided to pursue boxing. At first her father was totally against it, stating that boxing was a man’s sport and not for women.

After seeing her love for the sport, he finally got on board when Shields was 11, which is when she started her boxing journey. As a child Shields was also a victim of sexual abuse and bullying. All the tough times she faced didn’t break her.

Instead, they moulded her into a stronger person. The struggles she endured only fuelled her ambition to achieve something great. She was determined to be a boxer. One of the best.

Shields tells us: ‘I take the toughest challenges and fight against the best women. With that attitude, I will always be doing something big. I’m light-years ahead of my time.’ Showing us how she always pushes herself.

Her mindset is always to strive towards achieving the biggest challenges. She knows how hard she must work to achieve the goals she has in mind. Constantly pushing herself to achieve greatness. She has huge self-belief that comes from all the hours she puts into training.

Staying positive and always thinking of ways she can improve and better herself to accomplish her ultimate goals. You must continue to work hard on your own journey towards your dreams. Believe in yourself. Stay away from negativity and keep thinking positively!


Shields is a huge INSPIRATION to many people!

Shields has become a true INSPIRATION to people all over the globe. She teaches people that they can do whatever they put their minds to.

When she first started to pursue boxing, her father was against it. Claiming it was a man’s sport. Once he saw the passion and drive she had for the sport, he too supported her. Shields now stands as a pioneer of women’s boxing.

Shields is an inspiration to all women and she shows women everywhere how to overcome sexism and realise that boxing can be a viable career to anyone who wants to pursue it. Many outlets see her as the pound for pound best female boxer on the planet.

A key moment in her rise to stardom was winning her first Olympic gold medal at the 2012 London Olympics. At just the age of 17, not many people gave her a chance. They thought due to her inexperience, she would be lucky to do well at all!

Shields went on  to prove her doubters wrong as she defeated the Russian boxer Nadezda Torlopova in the final to win gold. Winning the first ever Olympic games that included women’s boxing.

In 2016 she yet again won gold at the Olympics defeating the Dutch boxer Nouchka Fontijn. Shields became the first ever American boxer, to win consecutive Olympic gold medals. In the pro ranks she has continued to dominate.

Becoming a three-weight world champion in just 11 fights! Shields is able to show people that through hard work and being committed to achieving your goals, anything is possible.

As shown in the header images Shields states: ‘I always tell my story because I want others who have felt broken to know they can make it.’ Reinforcing how anyone can achieve their ultimate dreams.

Though she had a tough upbringing, it did not deter her from striving towards the goals she had set for herself. Shields is an advocate for women’s boxing and continues to promote the sport by inspiring the next generation of fighters.

Outside of boxing she inspires those people who feel hopeless after going through a tough childhood. Sheilds helps others to see that there is light at the end of the tunnel and encourages them to accomplish their dreams.

You must stay driven and committed to accomplish your own goals. Through the adversities you face, you must stay strong and keep going!


Shields really is LIMITLESS!

A word to describe Claressa Shields would be LIMITLESS! She always strives to reach the greatest possible achievements. We can clearly see this from her resume. A two-time Olympic gold medallist. A three-weight world champion.

Being an undisputed champion in 2 of those weight divisions. Throughout her whole boxing career, she always aims to be at the pinnacle. Never settling for anything other than the top.

Shields had previously told us: ‘The biggest motivation for me is becoming a three-division world champion faster than any other boxer, male or female’ displaying how she is driven to break records. Shields wants to accomplish things that have never been done before.

Though it may seem impossible to others, anything is possible for her! As long as she has the determination to fulfil those ambitions, they are achievable.

She went on to break this record in January 2020, by defeating Ivana Habazin for the WBC and WBO light middleweight titles. In just 10 fights she had broken the record! Previously held by the Ukrainian wizard Vasyl Lomachenko who had done it in a 11 fights.

Shields has stated that she is far better than all the women around her weight classes. To continue her legacy, Shields recently told us that she will be pursuing a mixed martial arts career.

No elite level boxer has ever turned to mixed martial arts in the prime of their career before. Despite having no training in any other arts other than boxing prior to her announcement, she is willing to learn and take the risk to become even greater!

Displaying to us how determined she is to become the ‘G.W.O.A.T’ in all combat sports!

Shields is always seeking challenges and is willing to do what other people aren’t. When you are chasing your own dreams be limitless. Don’t aim low. Aim as high as possible and continue to work your way up.

Inspirational artwork of Claressa Shields by by Militar


Shields is able to reach her own INNER-PEACE

Shields is now able to reach a state of INNER-PEACE. Before boxing Shields has stated that she was a shy individual saying: ‘Boxing gave me self-confidence that I didn’t have growing up. When I was young, I was super quiet and I didn’t trust anybody. I didn’t like having friends.’. Here we can see that boxing helped her grow as a person.

Through training in boxing she was able to build up her confidence. It became a passion for her, helping her to find her inner-peace. She is regularly training, even when she is not fighting, to maintain a strong physical and mental state.

Outside of boxing she likes to spend time with her family. Being able to help and inspire other women that have dreams in boxing is also important to her as she continues to help the growth of women’s boxing.

To find your own inner-peace you must first find out what you are truly passionate about. After finding what you value in life, you will be able to pursue that to reach a state of inner-peace.


Shields understands the importance of TIME

Shields has been patient throughout her career so far, giving things TIME. She understands that great things cannot be achieved overnight. Constant work, day in, day out is required.

Since starting her boxing journey at the age of 11, Shields has done nothing but work. She is constantly in the gym, training and preparing for her fights.

During her childhood, her main goal was to win Olympic gold. All her amateur fights led up to this moment.

Shields has told us: ‘I trained my whole life for the Olympics. I didn’t have a childhood, I really couldn’t go to the beach with my friends. Couldn’t go to parties. Just training, training, training.’ Showing us the amount of work she has put in to get to where she is.

Shields made a lot of sacrifices. She couldn’t do what typical children were able to do. Instead, she dedicated and committed her time to training. Knowing that the extra hours she put in would be worth it in the end.

This all paid off as Shields would go on to become a two-time Olympic champion, compiling a fantastic amateur record of 77-1 (77 wins and 1 loss). Turning pro in 2016, Shields was able to progress quickly through the ranks.

This was due to her outstanding amateur pedigree, which was all due to her patience and work ethic. Shields has always given things time to reach the heights that she has.

Through the setbacks she has faced, over time she was able to learn from them and come back stronger.

Be patient when chasing your own dreams. By allowing things time, you will be able to learn necessary things along the way. Helping you to become better, aiding you in reaching your ultimate goal.


Shields is always ACTIVE!

Shields always stays ACTIVE! It is no coincidence that she has been able to accomplish outstanding achievements in her career. She remains in the gym, always focusing on improving her craft.

With this dedication Shields has been able to rise to the occasion every time she steps into the ring. She always has a long-term goal set, which she works her way towards.

As a child this was the Olympics. Her ultimate goal as an amateur was to win an Olympic gold medal. All the tournaments and bouts she had; all lead up to that moment.

Helping her to improve her skills every time she stepped into the ring. With an amateur record of 77-1, we can see the amount of work she has put in to accomplish her goals.

This has made her run as a professional much faster and easier, as she had already been putting in constant work from the age of 11.

Shields tells us: ‘Confident is believing in yourself. Being humble is, even though you believe in yourself and you know what you’re capable of, you still work 10 times harder than your opponent to make sure you get the output you want.’ Here we can see the amount of work Shields puts in.

Though she has achieved so much in her career, she keeps her eye on the ball. Knowing that if she gets complacent, anything can happen.

Therefore, Shields still continues to put in that extra work, even though she is already at the top. To stay there, Shields must keep up her strong work ethic.

She knows that improvements can always be made, no matter if they are big or small.

Stay active when working towards your goals. You will need to be continuously moving closer and closer towards your dreams. Each day you should be a step closer than the last. Don’t get lazy.Keep going!


Shields is just RELENTLESS!

Shields has been RELENTLESS throughout her life! With all the adversities and setbacks she has faced from a young age, she has not been deterred from chasing her dreams.

She continues to push forward and make progress each day. Her accomplishments so far are nothing short of remarkable. Becoming a 2-time Olympic gold medallist and a 3 weight world champion! She continues to break records and defy the odds.

Shields has said: ‘I’m just the undisputed champion – I am great as I think I am and I’ve been able to prove it by taking on these big challenges and beating these girls who they say cannot be beaten.’ Showing us just how much she believes in herself.

Shields continues to challenge herself, pushing beyond her perceived limits to achieve greatness. Whatever she puts her minds to is do-able. Nothing is impossible!

Shields continues to cement her legacy as she aims to create a resume so strong that no one can touch it. Striving to be known as the greatest women’s boxer of all time.

With her newly started MMA career, Shields is now also looking to become one of the greatest combat sports athletes of all time!

Take a relentless approach when pushing towards your dreams. No matter what people may think or say, keep going. Through your hard work and determination, just like Shields, you will get there!

Shields is one of the greatest women’s boxers of all time. Her story is inspirational and one we can all learn from. She has worked for everything she has got and continues to aim for nothing less than greatness.

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