Conception of Militar

Militar was founded during the lockdown in the Coronavirus pandemic during 2020. The first ideas for Militar were conceived in August 2020.

Having very little knowledge within the clothing industry…I sought to create something unique. Not just a clothing brand. But A BRAND. A source of inspiration for all.

One that inspires and motivates people to pursue their own dreams and passions. Not settling for anything less than their own contentment.

I myself have embodied this by creating this brand, combining all my passions into one.

First off, why the name ‘Militar’? A bizarre name for a brand. The majority of people’s first impressions would be a military brand, or something to do with the army. Well, Militar is definitely not that!

Militar can be defined as a soldier. In a way we are all soldiers. We all have our own inner problems that we face on a daily basis. Each day that goes by, we fight those demons to progress further.

Therefore we are soldiers in our own right, making us all ‘Militar’. The name Militar also sounds strong and powerful, which is what I believe the brand resembles and represents.

Then moving onto the Militar values. To further expand on the strength of the name and the vision, I wanted to make sure that Militar fulfilled its purpose.

Making each letter stand for something powerful, helping people on their journeys to attaining their own dreams.

This then created the ‘MILITAR MINDSET’, which is the combination of all our values which are…

The Militar Values

I aim to create resources and content that can help people embed the ‘MILITAR MINDSET’ into their own lives too.

I won’t go into too much detail on the ‘MILITAR MINDSET’, as I have created a separate resource explaining each value in detail.

Nor will we cover Militar in more depth as I have spared some details in order to keep this brief.

Militar has a deep meaning and everything we do has a purpose behind it such as the logo, the clothes and everything we do, there is a story behind it, which will all be revealed in due time!

There are also blogs under the ‘MILITAR MINDSET’ category where we dissect some of the most successful people and go through how they have showed Militar values!

In a nutshell…that is the conception of Militar. Of course it is very early days, with many more highs and lows to come. But we are glad that you have joined us in our journey and we hope that we can do our best for you too!

Check out this short video that explains the brief ‘Conception of Militar’ too!


Militar First Collection: Part 1 out on Monday the 6th of December.

Post by Militar Team

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