Different Militar Outfits that you can wear

September 29, 2022

Militar Team



With many new releases to our Militar clothing range, we wanted to help you put together your best Militar fits with the vast options you now have when choosing clothes. 

Here are some of our best fits and recommendations when choosing what Militar clothing outfits are best for you to wear today! 


Hoodie with joggers 

You can’t go wrong with a full tracksuit! The first thing we ever released was a hoodie and a pair of joggers and that wasn’t a coincidence.

Hoodies and joggers have become popular everyday outfits for many people. Though hoodies and joggers started off only being primarily worn for sporting purposes, they have now become widely accepted and are worn in multiple ways.  

Hoodies and joggers have risen to prominence because of their ability to provide both comfort and style. 

The streetwear style has adopted hoodies and joggers as one of their key pieces. They are also perfect as loungewear when relaxing at home too.  

The great thing about the tracksuit look is that it is very straightforward and easy to style. All you need to do is wear a hoodie and a pair of joggers with some trainers and there is your outfit for the day! 

We currently have two styles, the Militar Classic Hoodie and Joggers and the Militar Self Hoodie and Joggers, both in black and grey. 

The collections match different looks you may be looking to achieve. For example, the Militar Classic Collection stands out with the unique repeated pattern and is a slim fit, whereas the Militar Self Collection looks much more basic with a relaxed fit.  

Of course, there is a deeper meaning behind these garments.  Read the Militar Classic Collection and Militar Self Collection blogs to learn more about the meaning behind each collection.  

You can even mix and match the collections,  like wearing the Militar Self Hoodie (Black) with some Militar Classic Joggers (Grey). We chose the colours black and grey purposefully as they are the most adaptable colours in a tracksuit, they can be paired with many different looks, styles and colours.  

See which hoodie and joggers’ pair you are feeling today and go for it! Here are some photos for inspiration.

Model wearing Militar Self Hoodie and Joggers

model wearing Militar Classic Hoodie and Joggers


T-shirt with joggers  

Sticking with the joggers, a t-shirt and a pair of joggers are a strong combo when matched together. It brings both a comfortable and causal look that is perfect for nearly any occasion, like meeting up with friends or just relaxing at home.  

With t-shirts and joggers, many colours can match well together.  

One of the most popular t-shirt and joggers combos is the white t-shirt with grey joggers. You could wear a white Militar T-Shirt with some grey Militar Joggers, mixing between the 2 collections depending on the look and fit (as mentioned above, check out the blogs on each collection for more details). 

If you aren’t feeling the grey joggers, you can swap them out for some black ones, or swap the white t-shirt for a black t-shirt, there are many options, it just depends on what you are feeling! 

Check out some t-shirt and joggers combos that we love, to help you find your perfect match for the day. 

model wearing Militar t-shirt and joggers


Sweatshirt with joggers 

A very similar option to the hoodie and joggers, pair a sweatshirt with joggers and you have a great outfit to spend your day in. 

There is not a major difference between sweatshirts and hoodies, other than the obvious one being there is no hood on a sweatshirt! Check out our Hoodies vs Sweatshirts blog to see which one suits your style more. 

Though a sweatshirt has fewer features than a hoodie, it provides the same level of comfort and mobility. The sweatshirt fits perfectly with a pair of joggers, again giving you the possibility of mixing colours together to suit your desired look. 

The sweatshirt and joggers combination fits many different purposes such as going out and about or training. 

 Check out some photos we took below to see if it is something you like the look of! 

Model wearing Militar Classic Sweatshirt 


T-shirt with shorts 

As we enter the warmer months of the year, the t-shirt and shorts combination are a perfect fit!  

With the sunnier weather (though it doesn’t tend to be the best weather in the UK…), shorts become a much more popular option. Our Militar shorts pair perfectly with a t-shirt. 

The t-shirt and shorts outfit works well when out in the nice weather with friends and family, or if you’re looking at exercising and having a hard work out. This is a classic look that works well for many relaxed occasions. 

Take a look below at some of our favourite t-shirt and short fits and see if there are any that you like! 

model wearing Black Militar Classic Poly T-Shirt and Shorts

model wearing Grey Militar Classic Poly T-Shirt and Shorts

Hopefully, this post has provided you with some inspiration when choosing your Militar outfits. 

Take a look through our ever-growing collection here and find the right clothes for you, as you strive towards your goals and aspirations!  

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