How to Achieve Your Goals and Dreams

We all have our own dreams and passions that we wish to pursue. But for the large majority of people, dreams stay dreams, never becoming reality.

In this post we’re going to look at why dreams stay dreams and how you can finally take your dreams and make them a reality. Whether your goal is to improve your fitness, become an expert in a certain area, or set up your dream business, you can make it happen.


Why is it that so many of us are not able to achieve our goals?

The truth is we believe our dreams are unrealistic and unattainable. Which they are if you never work towards them. Once we visualise our dreams, the likelihood of us achieving them is very low, because they feel huge, out of our league.

It’s time that we defy the odds! Let us show you that your dreams are within your grasp. With the aid of the MILITAR MINDSET, here is how you can progress TODAY to start achieving your goals.


Your goal must be something you are passionate about

Before we look at how to achieve your goals, first we must look at the goal itself.

When it comes to choosing your goals, there are many different factors that can play into how likely you are to achieve it. However, your motivation for achieving a goal is what makes the biggest difference.

There is one motivation in particular that is more powerful than all the others. Passion and emotional attachment.

It may sound cliché, but being passionate about your goal is very important! The road to fulfilling your goals will not be easy, setbacks are common. The drive and passion you have for accomplishing your goals, will allow you to strive on through the tougher times.

We all have our own interests and hobbies. Things that catch our eyes, pique our interest more than anything else. Being able to transform these things into a livelihood for ourselves will enable us to live our happiest life, ultimately bringing us INNER-PEACE.

As we mentioned earlier, there are other factors that may come into play when setting your goals. Maybe you want to work towards a goal that you feel will bring you more money, maybe your goal is to amass wealth.

Maybe you want to improve your status, for instance becoming famous, or better known and respected within your community.

The problem with these motivations is that they are never satisfied. If money is your key motivator, you will always want more.

The same with status, you will always want to push it further. Instead, prioritise your passions and you will reach a place of contentment and all that other stuff will either not matter or will come as a result of you having worked hard on something you’re passionate about.


Set smaller goals and act upon them

Often the one thing that prevents us from working towards our goals is that they feel too big. In order to reach your ultimate goal, you must break it down into smaller more achievable goals. Without setting up these smaller goals, your dream will be very hard to achieve.

Say, for instance, your ultimate goal is to win an Olympic medal for swimming, but you don’t know how to swim. The goal feels almost impossible. If you break it down into smaller more achievable goals though you end up with something like:

  1. Buy a swimming costume
  2. Sign up for swimming lessons
  3. Practice swimming twice a week
  4. Speak to a swimming teacher or coach about the next steps for becoming an Olympic swimmer

Each of these steps brings you closer to your ultimate goal.

You may not be able to map out your entire goal just yet. As in our example above you’d need to speak to a swimming instructor to find out how much training you need to do.

Goals aren’t rigid. But as long as you make a start and as long as those goals move you towards your dream, you’re going in the right direction.

It is all good saying you want to do something, but you must take action. Be ACTIVE. Write down your smaller goals somewhere visible to you. Look at them every day.

By checking off smaller daily goals, you will soon see yourself progress closer and closer towards your bigger goals.


Be prepared for failures

Don’t expect it all to go smooth and easy…You are bound to face setbacks. Another common misconception is that it is bad to fail.

Of course, it isn’t something you want to do! When working towards achieving your goals, you are aiming to minimalize the chances of failure. Unfortunately, at some point you will face some sort of adversity.

Many people tend to quit once they fail, as it can be tough to come back from failure. All that hard work just for your plan to fail, can be devastating.

Instead you must have a strong and positive MINDSET. Learn from what went wrong and act upon it. Evaluate the situation, see what mistakes you made and correct them.

Through failures you are forced to assess the situation and see what didn’t go right. This is a great way to learn and improve yourself, as over TIME, you can only get better from the experience!

Don’t be afraid to fail! Embrace your shortcomings and continue your journey towards accomplishing your goals.


Reflect on progress and visualise the future

It is vital for you to constantly be reflecting on your progress. At the end of each day, assess how the day went in regard to accomplishing your goals for the day.

Did you meet them? If not why? Make sure you keep on top of your goals, ensuring they are done.

Don’t allow yourself to make excuses for not accomplishing your daily goals. As soon as you start making excuses you will allow yourself to keep making excuses.

Procrastination is very common amongst many of us nowadays. You can’t fall into this trap! Don’t put things off and think ‘oh I will do it later’, get it done as planned in your schedule.

If you are constantly in this frame of mind, you will continue to delay your tasks and start to fall behind.

Once this starts to happen, your goals will start to become distant, making it harder to achieve and you less motivated to achieve them     .

Stay disciplined and stick to your routine. There may be days where you feel less like working towards your goals, but you must overcome this by prioritising your goals. This is why it is imperative that you pick goals you’re passionate about.

Visualising the future is also very important. It can provide you with great motivation, seeing where you want to be in the future if you stick to your plan, progressing towards your ultimate goal each day.

Be LIMITLESS in your visualisation of the future. A famous saying goes: ‘shoot for the moon, if you miss it, you will still land amongst the stars’.

Dreams are meant to be big. The pinnacle of what you can accomplish. Visualise yourself reaching your ultimate dream. You may not get there straight away, but every step you take towards the dream will make you a better person!

It takes TIME, understand that one day you will get there!

Take INSPIRATION from those that you see have been successful, especially in areas that are similar to your own goals. Seeing how they have been able to achieve their goals should motivate you to do the same.

In a nutshell…that is it! Following these steps will allow you to progress towards the goals that you set yourself. Whether you are able to achieve those goals largely depends on you.

As we said before, fulfilling goals is tough, hence why not many people are able to do it. You must have a strong MINDSET, continuing to persevere when you find it tough. 

Be RELENTLESS. Stick to the action plan that you created for yourself, with the bigger picture in mind to motivate yourself to fulfil the smaller goals to get there.

To help you further on achieving your goals, we have created the Militar Goal Tracker sheet to guide you, helping you to realise your goals and create an action plan to work towards them. (Currently we are setting this up on the website, but if you want the spreadsheet now contact us and we will send it over to you!)

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Hopefully this blog has been of help to you, providing you with the necessary knowledge and resources to strive forward to achieving your goals.

Now go on…start making your first steps to achieving them now!

Post by Militar Team

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