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June 22, 2022

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What is a Hoodie? 

A hoodie is a type of sweatshirt, jacket or jumper with a hood. Hoodies are nowadays generally worn for sportswear, casualwear and in recent times have become a favourite in the streetwear style.  

When it comes to choosing a hoodie, a hoodie with no zippers seems to be the general preference.

Hoodies are primarily worn outdoors and rose to fame due to the comfortable and cosy nature of the garment.

The warmth of the hoodie comes from the fitted waistband and cuffs which traps the bodies natural heat in the item.

Hoodies tend to have a kangaroo pouch at the front which is useful for people to carry items or put their hands in. 

Hoods on the garment are used to keep the wearers head warm and protected from poor weather such as rain and snow. 

There is an interesting story behind how hoodies actually rose to prominence, which we will cover in the next section… 

The history of the Hoodie 

It is reported that the first ever hooded garment was worn around the 12th Century during the European Middle Ages. Monks would wear tunics with hood which were known as ‘cowls’. 

Fast forward a few centuries to 1919, a sportswear brand that is still popular today, US based Champion was established. They claim to have created the first ever hoodie. 

In the 1930s, they developed ways to sew thicker materials, which lead to them originally creating sweatshirts.

They decided to add hoods to these sweatshirts for the workers in New York to keep them warm during the winter months. The hoodie was born! 

In the 1970s, hoodies again started to gain traction amongst athletes and around the sporting world.

The hit boxing movie, Rocky, became infamous for the iconic running scene of Rocky Balboa (Sylvester Stallone) running in a grey hoodie!

Boxing great, Muhammad Ali was also pictured wearing hoodies on his jogs, as people around the world started to add the hoodie to their sporting workouts.  

At around the same time, hoodies were also emerging as a favourite within the streetwear scene especially in New York, as hip hop culture grew.

Hoodies have gone on to make appearances on the catwalks ever since, staying a firm favourite within the fashion world. 

However, it wasn’t until the 1990s that the actual term ‘hoodie’ was coined and is something we have used ever since! 

What To Consider When Buying A Hoodie 

There are many things that cross your mind when purchasing a hoodie.

With nearly anything attainable for us from the comfort of our own homes due to the advancements in technology and the internet, it can be hard for us to make our mind up on what we want and need.  

Don’t worry! Below we have outlined the key things you need to consider to help you find your ideal hoodie: 

Colour of the Hoodie 

There are numerous hoodie colours that you can choose from, it all depends on the style and look you are going for when making your choice.

The hoodie colour you choose should be something that you like, a colour that represents you and the look that you aim to achieve.

Make sure to pick a colour which matches the current look and feel of the other garments within your wardrobe to give it the maximum chances of being worn. 

Standard hoodie colours consist of black and grey, which can go with most items.

However, if you choose to pick more vibrant colours, they won’t match as well with other items, but will stand out much more if you aim for that louder look.  

Material of the Hoodie 

Hoodies now are generally made up of either cotton, polyester or cotton polyester blends as they are the most popular materials.

There are two key styles of hoodies, fleece back (fleeced inside) or loopback. A fleeced hoodie tends to bring more warmth, great for the colder days. Check out the difference with the images below: 

Inside of a Loopback and Fleece back hoodie

The different materials can match different needs. For example, a polyester hoodie is great for training and exercise, whereas a cotton hoodie is more so suited for casual wear.

However, a mix of cotton and polyester can be great when you aim to accomplish both (our Militar hoodies are made up of a cotton and polyester mix!). 

Remember that picking quality materials is key for the longevity of the item. There are also more luxury materials too if you are willing to pay extra, such as cashmere. 

Price of the Hoodie 

Hoodies can range massively in price and this usually can reflect the quality of the hoodie.

It is generally better to pick a hoodie that may be priced slightly higher, but is good quality, rather than choosing a lower price hoodie compiled of lesser materials that may not last you a very long time.

Whatever price range you have in mind, there will be a hoodie to match it, just be aware and make sure that the quality is something you are happy with.

With the popularity of hoodies in streetwear and sportswear, some brands are able to charge more premium prices. Our Militar hoodies strike the balance between affordability and excellent quality. 

Overall quality of the Hoodie 

Finally, make sure you check the overall quality of the hoodie, so look at the drawstrings and general stitching.

You will be able to tell the difference between a well-made hoodie and one that isn’t with both in hand.

If you are purchasing online, make sure to check reviews and see the feedback that people have left behind on the item. 

How to style a Hoodie- 5 key looks. 

Now it is time to look at some different ways that you can style your hoodie!

Below you will find different situations and looks that a hoodie can work for, you may be surprised to see the compatibility of the hoodie nowadays, as it can go with many outfits! 

Sporty Hoodie Look 

As we mentioned above, the hoodie rose to popularity in the sporting world after the iconic Rocky movie.

Hoodies are a perfect choice for sports-based activities. The comfort and material work well for training and they make you look better, ultimately when you look better you feel better overall.

You can simply achieve the sporty look by pairing a hoodie with a pair of joggers or shorts. 

Justin Gaethje wearing Militar Hoodie and Joggers
UFC Fighter Justin Gaethje in the Grey Militar Classic Hoodie & Joggers

Streetwear Hoodie Look 

The hoodie became a popular staple item within the streetwear style in the 1970s and has been a common item since.

Hoodies are one of the most worn items when it comes to the streetwear look, as all major streetwear brands have an iconic hoodie in their ranges.

When opting for the streetwear look, you can put on a full tracksuit, wearing joggers that match (or go well with) the colour of the hoodie.

Alternatively, style your hoodie with some jeans along with the latest trendy trainers! 

Model wearing Militar Self Hoodie and Joggers
Model wearing the Black Militar Self Hoodie & Joggers

Athleisure Hoodie Look 

When opting for the athleisure style, the key is comfortability with a stylish look, allowing you to perform at your best.

An athleisure look means you can wear the outfit both to the gym (or whatever form of exercise you do) and casually out and about. 

A great outfit for this would be to style a hoodie with matching joggers along with a gilet or bomber jacket over the hoodie. 

Troy Williamson wearing Militar Hoodie and Joggers
Pro Boxer Troy Williamson in the Grey Militar Classic Hoodie & Joggers

Casual Hoodie Look 

Hoodies have now transcended their initial sports purpose and have become a more mainstream item for people to wear beyond sports and exercise. 

Adding a hoodie to your outfit is a simple and easy style for you to wear when going for a casual look!

Simply wear the hoodie along with some jeans or trousers and maybe a white t-shirt and there is a look you can wear out and about every day. 

Smart Casual Look 

A style you may not have thought possible, but a hoodie can be worn in a smart casual way too.  

Options are more limited for this, as a hoodie is more suited to sporty and streetwear styles, but by pairing the hoodie with the correct items, you can pull off this look too.

The hoodie needs to be well-fitted along with an overcoat/jacket with some tailed trousers and minimalistic sneakers or boots. 

There we have it, there are a few ways you can wear your hoodie! Hopefully that has helped you when it comes to styling your hoodies. 

We also produce hoodies here at Militar! We make sure that our hoodies are produced with high quality materials at affordable prices for you. Check out our range here

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