November 12, 2021

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Max Holloway stands as one of the best featherweights in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). A former champion of the division, many regard him as the one of the greatest, if not the greatest, featherweight of all time.

At just the age of 29, he has been able to accomplish remarkable achievements in his illustrious career.

After a slightly rocky start to his UFC career, Holloway went on an incredible 13 fight win streak which even saw him defeat the legendary Brazilian Jose Aldo for the UFC featherweight world title.

An immediate rematch was called, ending with the same result as Holloway won both fights by finishing Aldo within the distance.

Though Holloway lost the belt to Volkanovski, where they have now had 2 fights, with the 2nd fight being extremely close (many believed Max won).

Holloway remains at the pinnacle of the division. Holloway truly resembles what self-belief, hard work and dedication can do when striving towards your goals, he has shown the MILITAR MINDSET!


How has Holloway displayed the MILITAR MINDSET?

Holloway has developed mental toughness, showing us just how strong his MINDSET is. Born in a small town called Waianae in Hawaii, Holloway spent his childhood in the area.

The town has a small population of no more than 15,000 people, but crimes are very frequent. At a young age, Holloway was exposed to drug users around him, even within his own household.

Both his mum and dad were heavy drug users. Holloway witnessed his father frequently physically abusing his mother. At the age of 11, his father left the family.

Holloway first trained at the age of 15, after meeting his friend who also fought, Josh Keanu. Keanu introduced Holloway to his trainer, which propelled his passion for mixed martial arts.

Though Holloway was raised in a place where nothing was expected from him, he was mentally strong and believed in himself. The trauma he faced and witnessed as a child built him into who he is today.

Holloway has said that many people are distracted and swayed away from their dreams by the negative influences within the town. Facing negativity and adversity didn’t deter him from chasing his own goals.

Holloway tells us ‘I’m working hard. I’m putting in the hard work. I’m sacrificing. I ain’t asking for no handouts. I’m going to earn everything I’m given.’ Showing us just how determined he is to accomplish his goals.

He knows that through a strong work ethic, anything is attainable. Holloway doesn’t want the easy route. He wants to have to dig deep, showing us just how much achieving his dreams means to him.

By dedicating his life to his craft, Holloway has been able to evolve into one of the greatest mixed martial artists in the world. You must be mentally strong when chasing your own goals. Always think positively, overcome negativity and keep moving forward!


Holloway is an INSPIRATION to people!

Holloway is an INSPIRATION to people all over the world. His journey to becoming one of the UFC’s biggest superstars is truly phenomenal.

As stated before, Holloway was raised in a small town in Hawaii where nothing was expected from him. Many people looked down on him, seeing him as someone who wasn’t destined for anything great.

Holloway proved them all wrong. He worked hard to show he is capable of achieving greatness, serving as an inspiration to his fellow Hawaiians who find themselves in similar situations.

The journey started for Holloway at the age of 15, when he first started to train in kickboxing. After just 3 days of training, Holloway had his first amateur bout!

He then transfered over into mixed martial arts (MMA), where he again found success winning numerous amateur titles in a short span of time.

At just the age of 18, Holloway turned professional. After 3 fights with the X-1 promotion, he won his first title in the pro ranks at the age of 19!

After adding another win to his record, Holloway got his contract to fight in the UFC, making him the youngest fighter in the roster at the time.

Fast forward a few years, Holloway reigned supreme, becoming the UFC featherweight champion after defeating the formidable Brazilian Jose Aldo in 2017.

Inspiring his small town of Waianae by becoming their first ever UFC champion! Holloway was able to show his people that they too can strive towards their dreams if they have the work ethic and self-belief that he continues to display.

Holloway tells us ‘I tell myself, ‘I’m the greatest, and this is what you need to do.’ Teaching us to always believe in ourselves. Holloway believed he was the best, long before he became the best.

To ensure he is the greatest he can be, Holloway works relentlessly to improve his skills. He inspires us all by showing us that even though he didn’t have the greatest upbringing, facing many adversities, you can still achieve your dreams if you believe in yourself and work hard.

So, make sure that you never give up and always believe in yourself when chasing your dreams!


Holloway is LIMITLESS!

Holloway has proven to us that he is LIMITLESS! Dreaming of attaining his dreams from a place where no one is expected to do anything.

Holloway defied the odds. After starting his career in 2010, just a year later, the then 19-year-old Max Holloway found himself as the lightweight champion of the X-1 promotion!

Standing at 4-0, Holloway was showing true potential to be a great fighter. Of course as an MMA fighter, the dream is always to be the UFC champion and Holloway was no different.

He was limitless on what he could achieve and believed in himself. Though he had a rocky start to his UFC career, Holloway went on an outstanding 13 fight win streak which saw him capture the world title in 2017.

Holloway didn’t stop there and continued to aim for greatness when he went up a weight divison to fight Dustin Poirier for the interim UFC lightweight championship.

Though Holloway did not come out victorious from the fight, he aimed to achieve greatness, attempting something that has only been done by a handful of people before.

Holloway has previously said ‘I want to be a champion. I want to be a long-reigning featherweight champion. I want to be known in the history books: my name everywhere as a champion.’

Here we can see the motivation that Holloway has to be the best. He is aiming to cement his legacy as one of the greatest fighters of all time.

He is motivated to be in the history books and to do this you must be limitless. When striving towards your goals, always aim for the top.

Be limitless in your approach. Though you may not get there straight away, you will find yourself in a better place to achieve your goals. Continue to work hard then one day you will reach your ultimate dream!


Holloway is able to find his own INNER-PEACE

Holloway is able to reach his own INNER-PEACE. He tells us ‘I’m a family guy, I’ve got a beautiful wife, a beautiful son, and I couldn’t be happier.’ Showing us just how much his family means to him.

Spending time with his family makes him happy. When he steps into the octagon, he isn’t just fighting for himself but to also provide for his family. This provides him with that extra motivation to train hard, allowing him to perform at his best on fight night.

Even though he has found huge success, Holloway has stayed true to his roots, still living and training in his hometown Waianae. Staying amongst his people has allowed him to live his happiest life.

Holloway is also an avid gamer, he can regularly be seen live streaming himself playing games, allowing his fans to tune in! This allows Holloway to take his mind off training and fighting, allowing him time to recover and relax.

Holloway has stated ‘No success, no nothing, no belt, no person can change the way I act, the way I feel.’ Teaching us to always be ourselves.

Holloway doesn’t let anything deter him from what he wants deep down. He doesn’t do anything unless he truly wants to do it. By doing this Holloway has been able to maintain his inner-peace, by staying true to himself.

You must pursue things that you are passionate about, prioritising the things that you care about. Doing this will allow you to find your own inner-peace!


Holloway knows the importance of TIME

Holloway has been patient and has given things TIME to get to where he is today. Though only 29, Holloway has achieved an incredible amount of success, but this has not come without problems and adversity.

After starting kickboxing at 15, just 4 years later Holloway became a pro MMA fighter at 19. He hit the ground running, going 4-0, becoming the X-1 lightweight champion!

At just the age of 20, Holloway got the big call up to the UFC. The pinnacle of MMA. At such a young age, Holloway had already accomplished a dream that many fighters wish to achieve at some point in their career, never mind at the start of it!

Holloway tasted his first defeat, stepping up as a last-minute replacement fighter to fight the now well-known Dustin Poirier. He then found success in the octagon going on a 3-fight win streak.

However, Holloway again faced adversity in the octagon, losing 2 fights back-to-back. First losing to Dennis Bermudez via split decision, though many people thought he won the fight, the judges gave it the other way.

In the next fight, Holloway again lost via unanimous decision to the now global superstar Conor McGregor. Now at 3-3 (3 wins, 3 losses) in his UFC career thus far, a 21-year old Holloway had faced a setback in his dreams of becoming the champion.

He remained strong and believed in himself. Holloway gave things time, continuing to work hard in the gym, improving his skills.

Holloway then returned against Will Chope in 2014 where he won the fight via TKO. This sparked a remarkable 10-fight win streak which saw Holloway reach the number one contender status within the featherweight divison.

He faced the reigning, dominant Brazilian, Jose Aldo, defeating him via TKO in the 3rd round.

Holloway rematched Aldo with the same result occurring, victory for Holloway via a TKO in the 3rdround. Holloway has again recently showed his ability to be patient with his recent win over Calvin Kattar.

Holloway had lost the belt to Alexander Volkanovski in 2019, having a rematch in 2020 ending up with the same result, in a bout that many believed he won.

Instead of complaining, Holloway accepted the decision and got straight back to work. In January 2021, Holloway put on a masterful performance, dominating Calvin Kattar, showing he still is one of the best.

He tells us ‘I’m not going to get mad over something that I have no control over.’ Showing us that we must be patient and calm.

Sometimes things may not go our way, but as long as we know that we tried our best, that is all that matters.

When chasing your dreams there will always be set backs and problems to face. You must overcome the adversity you face by giving things time and continuing to strive forward.


Holloway stays ACTIVE!

Holloway remains ACTIVE! He understood that in order to achieve his goals, he would need to dedicate himself fully to his training.

After getting into kickboxing at 15, Holloway spent countless hours training in the gym. Holloway is well known for his cardio and ability to push an extreme pace in his fights, throwing a crazy number of strikes.

Just in his last fight, Holloway threw 746 strikes against Calvin Kattar! This kind of fitness and ability is not something that you can do just naturally. It requires a consistent training regime, which is what Holloway has.

After turning pro in 2010, Holloway aims to fight consistently, usually aiming for around 3 fights a year. When he was on the come up, he won 10 fights in a row before finally getting his first title shot!

Holloway knew that this was necessary to earn a chance to fight for the title. He had to prove he was the best in the world, by putting in the work and displaying his skills in the octagon.

Holloway continues to stay busy outside of the octagon too, with many different ventures that he is passionate about, such as his gaming streams!

Holloways states ‘I’m not a talker. I’m a doer.’ Reinforcing how we should always take action. We can say many things, but until we act upon it, it is meaningless!

Holloway is showing that he likes to back himself up by being active and putting in the work to show why he is the best.

You must be active when chasing your own goals. It is all good and well saying you will do it, but until you act upon it, you will not progress. Make sure you take an active step towards your goal today!


Holloway has always been RELENTLESS

Holloway has displayed how RELENTLESS he is throughout his life. Coming from a small town in Hawaii, where no one expected anything from him. Surrounded by drugs and violence, he overcame those challenges he faced as a child, putting his all into MMA.

Now many regard him as one of the greatest featherweights in UFC history. Though many doubted he could achieve his dreams, he never doubted himself and always believed he could do it.

Holloway tells us ‘Heroes get remembered, but legends never die.’ Showing us that he ultimately wants to cement his legacy as one of the greatest MMA fighters of all time.

With this huge goal in mind, Holloway doesn’t cut any corners, making sure he trains hard to show why he is the best in the octagon. He aims to be remembered long after his time, being relentless to accomplish this incredible feat.

He has already achieved many amazing credentials but aims to add even more! Be relentless when shooting towards accomplishing your dreams. It will be tough, but you must keep going. One day all the hard work will pay off!

Max Holloway currently stands as one the greatest mixed martial artists in the world. Seeing the adversity he has faced throughout his life, we can all take inspiration from his journey and determination to achieving his dreams. He strives to be the best and will continue to cement his legacy as one of the best!

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