Mike Tyson is one of the greatest boxers of all time. Throughout the 80s and 90s Tyson was a superstar who transcended the sport of boxing. He was small for a heavyweight. Standing at around 5ft 11 and weighing around 218 pounds. But he was one of the most feared heavyweights ever! The ‘baddest man on the planet’!

The aura and aggressiveness he had in the ring shook his opponents to the core! Tyson has had his issues in the past. But his drive and determination from where he came from to where he is, really is remarkable. Tyson is living the MILITAR MINDSET!

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Mike Tyson’s MINDSET… reflects the MILITAR MINDSET!

Mike Tyson has a really strong MINDSET. But it wasn’t always like this…Mike Tyson had a troublesome childhood. Being raised by a single mother. His father left when Tyson was around 2 years old. Tyson was raised in a rough neighbourhood.  Here Tyson would frequently find himself being in trouble and was arrested numerous times.

Tyson has said by the age of 13 he was arrested 38 times! It wasn’t untill he met the legendary trainer Cus D’Amato, that Tyson was able to do something more positive with his life. Tyson was serving time in a detention centre when he first met Cus D’Amato.

When Cus saw Tyson’s potential, Tyson was granted time to leave and train with Cus. Upon release, Tyson started taking boxing seriously. Sadly, Tyson’s mother would pass when he was just 16. Immediately he moved in with Cus D’Amato. Under the tutelage of D’Amato, Tyson was able to develop into the heavyweight he was well known for.

Tyson was shy when Cus met him and had no self-belief. Cus completely changed this mindset. He would constantly praise Tyson in training and build up his confidence. Tyson’s mindset changed and it allowed him to reach stardom.

He famously once said ‘My style is impetuous, my defence is impregnable, and I am just ferocious’ From these words, we can just see the amount of confidence Tyson has in himself! 

Tyson proved that no matter your past, you can always still achieve your dreams with the right mindset. Right now, you may be negative and hopeless of achieving your aspirations. But once you start to change this mindset and believe in yourself, you can really start to go places!

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Tyson has INSPIRED many…and still does!

Tyson has INSPIRED millions of people. That number is still growing! When people think about boxing. There are usually two names that come to mind. Muhammad Ali and Mike Tyson. This is no coincidence! Both fighters were able to bring mainstream attention to themselves and the sport whilst they were fighting.

They were immensely popular and both transcended boxing! Tyson had that ferociousness and viciousness in the ring that attracted people. He was a monster in the ring! Tyson wanted to take your head off in that ring! So, people always wanted to tune in and not miss it. They were inspired by Tyson because they wanted to be like him.

He inspired us all outside of boxing too. What Tyson really showed people is they can achieve anything they put their mind to. Tyson literally went from nothing to something. Through determination and will power, he was able to achieve great things.

As shown in the header image Tyson said ‘As long as we persevere and endure, we can get anything we want’. Tyson went through a lot of adversity in his life having lost both his parents at such a young age. He was raised in a place where nothing was expected from him.

Tyson said his ‘life was nothing without boxing’, it gave him a sense of purpose and drive. Tyson teaches us we can always bring our dreams into existence by believing in ourselves and working towards them. You may feel all the odds are against you. But as long as you persevere, you will reach your end goal!


Tyson is LIMITLESS. You should be too!

Tyson has no boundaries. He genuinely is LIMITLESS! First of all, to become the heavyweight champion of the world, you really need to go past the limits you think you may have! Let alone becoming the heavyweight champ at 20! Which Tyson was able to do, making him the youngest world heavyweight champion ever (he still is to this day).

Having stepped away from the ring for 15 years, Tyson has just recently made a remarkable comeback! At the age of 54, Tyson had and exhibition with another boxing great, Roy Jones Jr who is also 51! He put on an incredible performance despite his age and time spent away from the ring.

Tyson is displaying to us; you really can do whatever you put your mind to (age is just a number!). By constantly dreaming big, Tyson was able to work his way up to his dreams.

Tyson said: ‘I’m a dreamer. I have to dream and reach for the stars, and if I miss a star then I grab a handful of clouds‘ Here he is reiterating to always aim high. If you don’t reach your end goal, you will always get something out of it. It is all about the progress you make. As you will always end up better than where you started. You should never stop trying. Keep working always!


Tyson has now finally been able to find INNER-PEACE

Tyson has been through many ups and downs throughout his life. Despite all of this, he is now been able to find INNER-PEACE. Tyson has stated many times that he didn’t like how he was when he was fighting. He believed his ego got the better off him. Going on to even say that he ‘hated’ that person.

He has now found that inner peace within himself. During his time in prison, Tyson converted to Islam, which helped give him peace of mind. He also credits much of this to his wife, Lakiha Spicer, who he married in 2009. He was overweight and in a bad place before they got together. She helped to get him back on track.

Tyson now has many different endeavours such as having his own ranch and podcast. He recently returned to the ring creating what he calls ‘the legends league’. This time he returns to the ring rejuvenated. Pledging to give the money he makes from these exhibition fights to charity.

This has also helped Tyson find his inner peace. Helping people is something he really likes to do.  You may find it hard to find your inner peace. Once you identify what it is that makes you happy. What you enjoy. You will find it!


Tyson has learnt through his life. The need of giving things TIME…

Tyson understands the true essence of TIME! He has gone through a lot of trials and trauma throughout his life. Having been sent to jail during his prime years as a boxer for nearly 3 years. Declaring bankruptcy in 2003, Tyson has learnt to be patient. To show how Tyson was patient we will focus on how he found himself bankrupt.

After earning around $400 million throughout his extravagant boxing career, Tyson somehow found himself bankrupt in 2003 after retiring from boxing. It was estimated that he was around $23 million in debt! Tyson had blamed this on the crazy lifestyle he was living.

He came from nothing. Being rich at such a young age, he didn’t know how to deal with it. Through giving things time, Tyson was able to rebuild himself and start to pay off some of his debts. Now, he is debt free and living a happy life again!

Tyson states: ‘God lets everything happen for a reason. It’s all a learning process, and you have to go from one level to another.’ Reinforcing how we are always constantly learning. Over time, we will learn from our mistakes and improve ourselves.

Tyson teaches us that we can always come back from the worst scenarios from giving things time and patience. You must always have faith and patience. Strive on and think positive!


Tyson was ACTIVE…and still is!

Tyson knew to achieve his dreams, he had to stay ACTIVE! During his boxing days Tyson would train very intensely. Waking up at crazy times like 4am! Tyson said this gave him a psychological edge, knowing that when he is training his opponents are asleep!

With constant training, Tyson was able to develop his craft, allowing him to be ruthless in the ring. Tyson tells us: ‘Discipline is doing what you hate to do, but doing it like you love it’ Teaching us that we must stay committed to our goals. At times you may feel lazy and not want to do it. But that extra work you put in will be worth it in the end.

Outside of boxing, Tyson keeps a busy schedule. Involved with many different projects that he is passionate about.  Tyson knew that he must be consistent in his efforts if he wanted to achieve greatness. This applies to everything. You must be persistent when aiming for your dreams. Remain active at all times!

Mike Tyson training regime

This is how Mike Tyson used to train leading up to a fight!



One word that comes to mind when describing Tyson is definitely RELENTLESS! Since the age of 14 Tyson trained with one definite goal in mind. To become the heavyweight champion of the world. He dedicated his childhood to his craft. Training himself both physically and mentally for this one goal.

Under the guidance of his mentor Cus D’Amato and his trainer Kevin Rooney, Tyson was able to achieve him lifelong dream. Tyson was a different breed in the ring.

In his fighting days he said: ‘When I fight someone, I want to break his will. I want to take his manhood. I want to rip out his heart and show it to him’.This sounds very crazy! But it just shows the lengths Tyson was willing to go to, to accomplish his goals.

No one could stand in his way. Absolutely no one. For him to achieve the dream he set himself from a young age. Even now with Tyson returning to the ring at the age of 54! This is phenomenal! Displaying no matter what age you are, you can still pursue your goals. 

Tyson shows whatever goal he has, he is relentless to attain it. Once his mind is set on achieving something, he will do all in his will to do it! You must be relentless when working towards your ambitions. Don’t listen to what people say, just do it!

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Tyson is a rare individual. He has shown us how to achieve something you set your mind too, even when the odds are against you. He has taught us that we can bounce back from anything and fulfil our aspirations!

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