The Militar Camo Collection: A Deeper Look

The Militar Camo Collection is our joint third collection along with the Militar Converge Collection.

For this collection we wanted to focus on the iconic ‘camo’ print and what it represents. There are different meanings that we can take from it which we will go into in more detail in the next section, but it is all about adapting and fighting through the struggles we face.

As we do with all the collections that we create, there is a purpose and meaning behind the Camo Collection that we hope will inspire you towards achieving your own dreams.

So, let’s take a deeper look into the Militar Camo Collection…

Militar Camo Collection


The Thought Process Behind the Militar Camo Collection

With the name ‘Militar’ people instantly think of the army, soldiers and so on. So, it made sense for us to tap into this narrative and thought process. We crafted a collection that fitted into the Militar style but also held a strong, positive meaning that you could resonate with.

The first key element of the Militar Camo Collection lays within the design. As you can see, we used the famous and iconic ‘camo’ print. From a design aspect, the camo print has become very popular in the fashion world. From its origins in military campaigns where it was worn by soldiers (as they disguised themselves to deceive enemies), it has now become a fashion trend as people can be seen wearing camo prints in day-to-day life.

black militar camo t-shirt

However, we didn’t want to just use the standard camo print, we wanted to put our own touch on it. If you look very closely at the camo print on the garments of the Camo Collection, you can actually see parts of the Militar icon that help to form the Camo, similar to the Converge Collection. This makes our camo print one of a kind, as we have combined the classical camo print with our very own Militar icon to create a unique piece.

The camo has a strong message behind it, which is why we created a collection solely for it. First of all, the camo is foremost known to be the uniform for soldiers. As you may know, the actual meaning of the name ‘Militar’ is a ‘soldier’ and we chose this name because it resonates with every single one of us, as we are soldiers in our own right, battling our own inner struggles daily to become our best selves. The camo reinforces that message of being a soldier and fighting through the adversities that you face.

This can be for both big and small goals. For example, it could be something very simple, like having your alarm set at 5am so that you could go on an early run. But when you wake up you don’t want to do it and would rather go back to bed! This is where you need that mindset to push yourself to do it. You have to be a ‘soldier’ and make yourself do that which you find uncomfortable, as it is in these kinds of moments that you find what you are truly capable of and grow to be better.

grey militar camo t-shirt

All the Militar values that make up the ‘MILITAR MINDSET’ also represent this. Each value is based on helping you to become your best self and reach your goals. They all push the need of being able to overcome the hardships and struggles you face to become your best self.

Another meaning that we can take from the Camo Collection is being able to adapt. The camo design was created for soldiers to be able to blend into their surroundings, they became a part of it. Being able to adapt is important for us in our daily lives too. Things won’t always go your way, you will have to learn how to adapt to different situations so that you can come out on top.

For example, let’s go back to the 5am run, maybe you forgot to turn your alarm on and you woke up late. That doesn’t mean you should just abandon the run, find a time that you can slot it in during your day and get it done. When you have the ability to adapt you will become less fazed by obstacles that you face and more efficient when it comes to working towards your goals.

Within the promo video for the Camo Collection, we focused on two athletes training towards their goals, outlining the struggles they face and how they push themselves beyond their perceived limits.

With the colourways, so far, we have opted to use popular colours (more colourways coming soon hopefully!).

To finish off the Camo Collection, we added the full Militar logo in a smaller font. We thought the full logo would be perfect to use here (unlike the icon for Converge Collection) as the Camo Collection represents everything to do with Militar and each value that we have.

Finally, as you can see, we named the collection the ‘Camo Collection’ because physically the designs all contain camo prints, but also mentally we take from what the camo means to us. The camo represents the struggles that we face and how we are all ‘Militar’, as we overcome the adversities and adapt to reach our aspirations.

There you have the key thoughts behind the Militar Camo Collection. As always, it would be great to hear your thoughts and what the Militar Camo Collection means to you, so do let us know!

black militar camo t-shirt


A Look at the Militar Camo Collection

Let’s now take a look at some of the items that form the Militar Camo Collection.

At the moment, we have only been able to release a few items of the collection, with t-shirts that are perfect to train in as you work towards your goals.

Now that you have been able to familiarise yourself with the Militar Camo Collection, remember to be a ‘Militar (solider)’ and keep persevering till you reach the goals that you set.

grey militar camo t-shirt


Militar Camo T- Shirt

The Militar Camo T- Shirt is made up of high-quality materials (100% polyester), maximising comfortability and flexibility.

So far, we have the black and grey colourways available! These are perfect for training, as worn by our athletes and also perfect for everyday gym use.

Our unique camo print covers the whole garment and is finished with the full Militar logo on the upper centre chest in white on both colourways.

There is a summary of the Militar Camo Collection so far! We plan to release more items and colourways to the collection in due time, but for now purchase your Camo T- Shirts and get working towards those goals!

If you have any questions on this post, the MILITAR MINDSET, or any other enquiries feel free to contact us.

Keep working hard towards your goals and remember that the adversity that you face will only make you stronger. Adapt to the situations that you find yourself in and keep striving forward.

Be a Militar (solider).

Militar Camo Collection

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