The Militar Classic Collection: A Deeper Look

The Militar Classic Collection is our first ever clothing collection.

After the conception of Militar in August 2020, we aimed to create something unique. We wanted our clothing to have a much deeper purpose and meaning which resonated with you all when you wore it, with everything linking back to our purpose.

We plan to instil a message into each collection we create, to provide you with motivation as you progress on your own individual journey towards your goals.

Following our initial soft launch on the 6th of December 2021, we are back to release more items that form a part of the Militar Classic Collection!

A lot of thought and hard work has been put into this collection and we wanted to be open with you and show just some of the work and thought that has gone into the Militar Classic Collection.

So, let’s get into it!

The thought process behind the Militar Classic Collection

We wanted to make sure our first ever collection stood out and was different to any other clothes you may see, making it an instant ‘classic’.

When someone saw a garment from the Militar Classic Collection, they should ultimately be reminded of Militar and what we stand for, this is the type of impact we hoped to achieve with the collection.

We chose the name ‘Classic’, as that was our aim for the first Militar collection. Though our first release, we want it to be one of our key pieces for years to come.

The collection resembles everything we stand for here at Militar, which can be clearly seen in the design and look of the pieces too.

The key design element across all Militar Classic Collection pieces is the repeated icon pattern. Aesthetically we knew it was a great addition to the design when we were creating the concept, it reinforced the uniqueness of the garments. However, the deeper meaning behind the collection lies within the pattern.

The pattern is built up of icons from the Militar logo. The logo took us a lot of variations to get just right (more on that story in the future), as it had to signify everything we stood for at Militar, showing strength and being bold.

When we placed the icons together, it formed the perfect pattern, but it also resembled strength and unity. The strength came from the icon itself, but then placing them all together made them even stronger and being placed together meant they were unified. 

The focus on strength and unity resonates with everyday life, as we all go through our own daily struggles, where we must be strong to overcome the adversities that we face. 

We must be united within ourselves but also aim to help each other when we can, INSPIRING others to take action and when we can’t inspire, take inspiration from others.

In simpler terms, strength and unity means to overcome the hardships that life throws at us and helping others to do the same too. This is the very basis of the meaning behind what many would assume is just a pattern, but we hope for it to mean more than that for those of you that wear it.

The interpretations of what the Militar Classic Collection means to you are endless, but this is the very basis of where it all starts, strength and unity.

We can go a lot deeper into the whole concept of the Militar Classic Collection as we have only scratched the surface! But it would be great to hear your own interpretations and what the Militar Classic Collection means to you!

A look at the Militar Classic Collection

Now it is time to have a look at some of the items within the Militar Classic Collection! 

The garments were designed with a streetwear style, fit for you to go out and about in, train in, relax at home or whatever purpose you have in mind!

Just make sure that when you wear Militar, you are striving forward, feeling positive and taking a step closer towards your ambitions. 

The Militar Classic Hoodie

The Militar Classic Hoodie is created with a cotton and polyester blend. The composition of the hoodie is 65% cotton and 35% polyester.

After trying a few materials, we believed this would be most suitable. This blend allows for the hoodie to be both comfortable and stretchy, allowing you to train, relax or anything you please!

As you can see, the repeated Militar pattern featuring the icons, is printed across the end of the sleeves and hem of the hoodie. On the black hoodie, the pattern is printed in white and on the grey hoodie the pattern is printed in black (more colourways coming soon…).

The Militar Classic Hoodie is a slim fit, but fits true to size. If you are after a looser fit, take a size up.

Militar Classic Hoodie Shop Now

The Militar Classic Joggers

The Militar Classic Joggers are created with the exact same material, 65% cotton and 35% polyester. This material composition allows for the joggers to feel both comfortable and stretchy, fit for whatever you choose to do!

The joggers are the perfect match to go with the hoodie, finishing of the complete Militar look!

The Militar Classic Joggers are also slim fitted, like the hoodie. The joggers fit true to size, but if you are looking for a slightly looser fit, we recommend that you take a size up.

It may feel slightly tight too when first worn, but this is normal as the material is stretchy, it will adjust to your fit when worn.

The repeated Militar icon pattern is printed at the hem of the joggers, printed in white on the black joggers and black on the grey joggers.

Militar Classic Joggers Shop Now

The Militar Classic Poly T-Shirt

The Militar Classic Poly T-Shirt is created with 100% polyester interlock material. For this piece, we made it perfect to train and exercise in, but it is still fit for other purposes such as going out and about and relaxing in.

The Militar Classic Poly T-Shirt is a great item that can go with many things, such as the Militar Classic Joggers and the Militar Classic Poly Shorts too!

In terms of sizing, the Militar Classic Poly T-Shirt is a slim fit. If you are after a looser fitting, we recommend that you take a size up.

Across the sleeves, the repeated Militar icon pattern is printed in white on the black t-shirt and black on the grey t-shirt.

Militar Classic Poly T-Shirt Shop Now

The Militar Classic Poly Shorts

The Militar Classic Poly Shorts are made up of the same material as the matching t-shirt, 100% polyester interlock material. 

Again, these shorts were made with a focus on the training element, hence why we have a slit in the shorts on each side, but that doesn’t mean you can’t go out and about and relax in them! There are pockets on each side, allowing you to bring your essentials with you whilst wearing the Militar Classic Poly Shorts.

 The Militar Classic Poly Shorts are also slim fitted, so if you are looking for that looser fit, we recommend that you take that size up.

The repeated pattern consisting of the Militar icon, is printed across the hem of the shorts, in a contrasting white print on the black shorts and black on the grey shorts.

Militar Classic Poly Shorts Shop Now

In summary that is the Militar Classic Collection! We hope that you enjoy the items that we have created so far, fulfilling your purpose for it, allowing you to strive on to achieve your own dreams.

We can’t wait to show you the other collections we are working on and plan to release in the future too!

Check out our first ever review and unbox video to learn more about the brand and the unpacking experience!

If you have any questions on this post, the MILITAR MINDSET, or any other enquiries feel free to contact us.

Remember to stay positive and keep working hard towards your goals. Strength and unity.

Post by Militar Team

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