The Militar Converge Collection: A Deeper Look

The Militar Converge Collection is our joint third collection along with the Militar Camo Collection.

For this collection we wanted to focus on the different elements that play a part in our lives. We all focus on different steps to achieve the goals that we have. These elements ‘converge’ together to help us reach that final and ultimate goal that we strive towards.

As with every collection we produce, there is a deeper meaning and purpose behind the Converge Collection, with the aim to inspire and motivate you towards your own goals, so let’s dive deeper into it.

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The Thought Process Behind the Militar Converge Collection

With the Converge Collection we wanted to make this something that really stood out, something that was different. The goal for the design aspect was to create our own pattern, where each element ‘converged’ together to form something strong and unique.

The first key element of the Militar Converge Collection lies within the overall design. From first glance you can see that the design printed over the t-shirt isn’t your standard work, it is abstract. Along with the vibrant colours used, the t-shirt doesn’t focus on simplicity like the Militar Self Collection, instead it is much more out there and stands out when worn.

When you take a closer look at the garments, you can start to see how the design has been formed. This design has purely been created using just one thing, the icon from the Militar logo! It uses a combination of the full Militar icon and different individual shapes from the icon to create this unique design, which all ‘converges’ together, bringing us onto our next point, the importance of the word ‘converge’.

Converge means to come together. As you can see in the design of the Converge Collection, all the different elements of the Militar icon come together to form the design of the collection. It is within this alliance we can see the strength and power of the design. By coming together, the icons are able to form something stronger and more captivating than they would on their own.

Convergence is important in our day-to-day life. We all have different obligations and aims that we must work on to reach our ultimate goal. For example, you may want to run your own successful business, but you need to first think of a concept, do market research, create a product and many more things before you can reach that goal. The smaller elements that you work on help to form and lead you towards the bigger goals that you have.

For instance, take a look at the ‘MILITAR MINDSET’, each value is strong in its own right, but when you bring all of them together, implementing them all into one, it has a much bigger and better impact than if you were to use just one of them on its own.

Going beyond your own journey, convergence is important in community-based goals too. As each member of the team you are in, will have their own designated role which will be key towards you all achieving the goal that you set. Without the person playing their part, it will be much harder to reach the goal that you all set collectively, as they were assigned a part that was crucial to success.

Within the promo video that we shot for the Converge Collection, we take a look at the meaning of it for an aspiring MMA fighter. It shows the different martial arts they must master and how they ‘converge’ their training together to reach their ultimate goal of becoming the most complete and best competitor they can be.

The Converge Collection is similar to the Classic Collection, but the main difference is that the Classic Collection focusses on unity and strength and the hardships that we face, whereas the Converge Collection focuses on how we can join the different elements and things that we do, to reach our ultimate goal. The Converge Collection is all about the different elements in our lives which add together to get us to where we want to be, whereas the Classic Collection is all about having the perseverance and strength to endure the struggles that we face to reach the goals that we set.

In terms of colours, you can see how we use different shades of the same colour on each colourway, which again shows how they ‘converge’ together to form the design.

To finish off the design, we add the Militar icon on its own. We opted for this rather than the full logo, as the icon is what built up the design and displaying it in its full, raw form almost in a way shows how the converge comes together to form that final piece (reaching that ultimate goal).

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I think it now has become obvious why we named the collection, the ‘Converge Collection’! The focus is primarily on how all the smaller elements and goals that we have, help us to reach that ultimate dream that we strive towards. By fulfilling all the various aims that we set, they converge together to form something bigger, just like the design of the Converge Collection.

There are the key thoughts behind the Militar Converge Collection. As always, it would be great to hear your thoughts and what the Militar Converge Collection means to you, so do let us know!

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A Look at the Militar Converge Collection

We will now take a quick look at some of the items that form the Militar Converge Collection.

At the moment, we have only been able to release a few items of the collection, with t-shirts that are perfect to train in as you work towards your goals.

As you now know the meaning of the Militar Converge Collection, make sure that you work on each individual element and converge them together to reach your bigger goal.


Militar Converge T- Shirt

The Militar Converge T- Shirt is compiled with both comfortable and flexible materials (100% polyester), perfect for you to train in.

So far, we have the red and blue colourways available and as you can see, they are very vibrant and stand out! These are perfect for combat sports training, as worn by our athletes and also perfect for everyday gym use.

Along with the converge pattern which covers the whole t-shirt, is the Militar white icon on the upper centre chest in white on both colourways.

That is a summary of the Militar Converge Collection so far! We plan to release more items and colourways to the collection in due time, but for now get your Converge T- Shirts and get straight to work!

If you have any questions on this post, the MILITAR MINDSET, or any other enquiries feel free to contact us.

Stay driven and keep working hard towards your goals. Remember it is the consistency and focus on each element that you place which will drive you towards your ultimate dream.

‘Converge’ it all together.

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