The Militar Flow Collection: A Deeper Look

February 17, 2024

Militar Team



The Militar Flow Collection is our fifth collection.

We based the Flow Collection on the concept of the ‘flow state’  which was inspired by the philosophy and way of life of Martial Arts icons. Flow is all about reaching that position where everything flows naturally. You become fully focused on the goal you have set yourself and no distractions can hinder you from working towards that goal. You are in your ‘Flow’.

As with every collection we produce, there is a deeper meaning and purpose behind the Flow Collection, with the aim to inspire and motivate you towards your own goals, so let’s dive deeper into it.

Militar Flow Collection White/Blue 

The Thought Process Behind the Militar Flow Collection

The idea behind the Flow Collection came from watching and listening to icons in the fight game such as Muhammad Ali and Bruce Lee. A common theme unites them both, as they expressed the state they reached when they were in their prime shape, both physically and mentally.

A place where no distractions can deter you, you are fully in your zone. You are in your ‘Flow’.

To embed this into a design, we wanted to show something that flowed together. Giving it a calm and peaceful look, which is how we visualised the ‘flow’ to look like.

When you are in your flow state, you are calm and at peace. Everything happens naturally, you don’t have to think twice, your instincts are sharp, and you are dialled into the task at hand. As you can see in the design, there is fluidity, there is no end or start point, everything just flows together.

The texture of the design itself isn’t as bold as other designs like the Converge Collection, but more faint and like water, which was inspired by the famous Bruce Lee quote ‘be like water my friend’!

When it came to the aesthetic of the design, we were inspired by elements such as water and energy, which you can see in the first 2 colourways of the Flow Collection. Energy and water are seen as unlimited resources, we always have them, therefore they are always flowing in abundance. We will further touch on this with the first 2 colourways we chose in the next section!

 Militar Flow Collection Black/Orange

Our designer provided his thoughts too when he was given the task to design the Flow Collection, to which he said:

“I was inspired by thinking about how energy flows within us and how it traces abstract paths in our body. We can feel that energy running through us when we focus on our goal. That’s why I used liquid textures with a metallic and rough appearance to represent that feeling of tenacity.”

What is a flow state?

Let’s take a deeper look at what the flow state is. The concept of the flow state was made popular by positive psychologists, they pushed it as they saw the benefits it had on people. In a nutshell, being in your flow state means you’re giving your absolute fullest attention to what you are doing, usually something you are very passionate about.

Your mind is running at its full capacity, not allowing you to be distracted by any other external thoughts. Your sights are fully set on achieving what you set out to do, nothing else. Each step you take is with clarity, you know exactly what you are doing and what you need to do next. It feels like you can do no wrong and that all is perfectly in place. Everything flows together, which gives you a greater sense of ecstasy and happiness.

Being in your flow will allow you to tackle your day-to-day life tasks more efficiently. When you are in your flow, you will have a set routine which you stick to. Your whole day will be planned out to a tee. For example, every morning you go for a run, or at night you read a book. Each goal you have is planned out, allowing you to perform at your best.

Once you stay in a routine and keep doing it over and over again, you will start to reach your flow. Your body and mind will become used to it, making it easier for you to do the tasks at hand.

To reach your flow state isn’t easy, it takes time, discipline, and hard work, but once you reach it, it will be worth it!

Militar Flow Collection White/Blue

With the ‘MILITAR MINDSET’ we took the same approach too, as all the values flow together and complement one another. For example, when you are feeling inspired, or looking to inspire others, you naturally feel limitless in what you can achieve, the sky is the limit! Or when you are actively working and pursuing a goal, you start to fuel that hunger and become relentless towards achieving it.

Even when it comes to being a part of a team or for community-based goals, being in your flow state will help you achieve what you are all working towards. When each one of you is in your flow state, you will naturally become more efficient and better at what you do, so all together the results will improve because of this.

Just in general, being in your flow state is a feeling like nothing else, you feel content and happy with what you are doing, as well as reaching your maximum potential and the dreams you have.

In the promo video we shot for the Flow Collection, we show the importance of being in your flow for an MMA fighter. It is a popular saying amongst MMA fighters to reach their flow state. You can see everything that is happening. You check that kick. You counter that punch. You see everything your opponent is trying to do and have a response for it all. Nothing phases you and you ooze pure confidence in the cage.

(insert promo video)

Finally, to finish off the design, the logo is placed in the upper centre of the chest. The sizing and positioning is the same as in the Camo Collection. The logo needed to be subtle for this design, so that it flowed with it and felt cohesive.

The name ‘Flow Collection’ was befitting as it fully described the thought process behind the collection. This collection is all about finding your flow. For you to reach a state where you are so dialed into the task at hand, that no distraction can stop you from achieving what you set out to do.  You are ready for whatever life throws at you, doing it with ease and confidence. You are in your flow.

There are the key thoughts behind the Militar Flow Collection. As always, it would be great to hear your thoughts and what the Militar Flow Collection means to you, so do let us know!

Militar Flow Collection Black/Orange

A Look at the Militar Flow Collection

We will now take a quick look at some of the items that form the Militar Flow Collection.

The goal is to further expand the flow collection with more items and colourways down the line but check out what we have so far in stock!

As you now know the meaning of the Militar Flow Collection, try and reach your flow by staying disciplined in your daily routine. Aim to repeatedly fulfil your daily tasks to one day reach your flow state.

Militar Flow Collection White/Blue 

Militar Flow T- Shirt

The Militar Flow T- Shirt is made using both comfortable and flexible materials (100% polyester), perfect for you to train in.

So far, we have the white/blue and orange/black colourways available. To further touch on the reason behind choosing these colours, both were inspired by martial arts icons.

The white and blue colourway was inspired by the Jeet Kune Do founder, Bruce Lee. His famous quote ‘be like water my friend’, is what gave us the idea to focus on a design that represented water, as we know water flows and adapts to any circumstance it is in. Water is always flowing, so be like water!

The black and orange colourway was inspired by the boxing legend, Muhammad Ali. The quote ‘float like a butterfly, sting like a bee’ was what gave us the idea to use these colours. Ali tells us how a butterfly beautifully floats, but also to be firm and strong like a bee when we need to. Truth be told, black and yellow was what we wanted to go with, to fully represent the bee colours, but it didn’t come out right when we printed it, so black and orange was the closest we could do! But the orange also symbolises fire, which is the contrasting element to water, so both fit perfectly together.

These are perfect for combat sports training, as worn by our athletes and also perfect for everyday gym use.

Militar Flow Collection Black/Orange

Militar Flow Slit Shorts

The Militar Flow Shorts are made using lightweight polyester materials. This makes the shorts perfect to train in but also to fight in, they are so light, you barely feel them when you’re wearing them!

The shorts are slit shorts, meaning they have a high slit, which goes up to about ¾ of the shorts length. These are our number one bestsellers to date! The high slits allow for maximum flexibility and movement,

That is a summary of the Militar Flow Collection so far! We plan to release more items and colourways to the collection in due time, but for now shop the current sets available and find your flow!

If you have any questions on this post, the MILITAR MINDSET, or any other enquiries feel free to contact us.

Stay disciplined in your daily routine. Don’t miss anything. Make sure you are performing day in day out and setting out what you must do in your day. It is through this consistent effort and discipline to your daily grind that you will find your flow state.

Enter your flow.

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