Mindset is Everything

‘Mindset is Everything’   

A small but strong phrase with a deeper meaning. Why is mindset everything? Why is it so important to us? Or is it not?  

In this post we will go through why ‘Mindset is Everything’ when it comes to achieving success and reaching a state of happiness. 

We all share a key similarity in what we all want most from life, happiness. The key to happiness lies within your mindset… 

So, let’s get into it! 


What is Mindset? 

The true definition of mindset is that it is a way of thinking. A mental attitude or inclination. Your mindset is a set of beliefs that shape how you make sense of both yourself and the world.

It can consist of a variety of things such as the combination of your beliefs, thoughts, emotions, assumptions and attitudes. Not only are these conscious actions, but your mindset also effects how you act subconsciously. This includes impacting the way you think, feel or behave in certain situations.   

As you can see, your mindset is much more than just a way of thinking, but it plays a key part in determining what you believe in and how you act.   


Why is my Mindset Important? 

Your mindset includes how you view yourself, your place in this world and the world around you. This has an impact on the decisions that you make and your ability to deal with stressful situations and how you face adversity.

To achieve your goals, building up self-esteem and belief in yourself is vital. A healthy and positive mindset won’t always guarantee success, but those that do reach success have a healthy mindset.

They are able to overcome the shortcomings and failures they face, they have the drive to go again, not giving up.  



What does Success Look Like? 

We must define what we deem as successful and what that looks like for each one of us.

Many people believe that success comes with the status/ job that we have, or the wealth we compile. However, once we achieve these milestones, many still feel that something is missing, not feeling fully fulfilled within ourselves. We are missing happiness.

The truth in the matter is that we are not chasing our own expectations and goals for success, but instead we are chasing what other people and society deem to be the markers of success.

This has a negative impact on you, as it results in you pushing down what really matters most to you, in order to please others by chasing goals such as status and wealth. You start to lose your way as you become unsatisfied and unhappy with your life as you aren’t doing what you want, not fulfilling your priorities.

Many negatives then occur such as you losing your self-confidence as you are working hard, but it isn’t having that affect you desired. You start to become uncertain of what it is you truly want and start to question yourself, do I know what I am doing?

This may spiral further into bitterness as you see successful people around you.  

Mindset is key to all of this as it serves as the foundation of how you feel about yourself. 

The look of success is different to every one of us. We all have our own strengths, values, needs and priorities that make us different to one another.

Each one of us are unique in this sense, hence why we all have our own definitions of success and what it looks like to us. For this reason, we can’t compare ourselves to others as we have our own individual journeys to reach success.

We tend to compare our flaws with other people’s strengths, making us feel more dissatisfied with ourselves, but this isn’t realistic, as we reiterated before, success is different to us all so we can’t compare our definition of success to someone else’s.   

Though to be honest, finding your own success isn’t easy to do. This is why your mindset is so important, because at times you will need to be resilient to go through those tougher times you face to ultimately find and reach your success.

There is no time limit or deadline to find your success, the process takes time as you learn and find out new things about yourself. It is a constant journey of learning and finding out what your true definition of success is.  


Why Mindset is important in achieving success and happiness 

The mindset you possess is key as it will put you in the right place to go forward to achieve success and happiness.

It isn’t easy. It’s a very tough journey to find success, requiring you to be patient and resilient at times. Constantly you will have to overcome your doubts and fears, you must stay positive to progress forward.

You must feel content with your life and the decisions that you make, as this is the true meaning of happiness.  

Success requires you to be relentless, staying positive and being consistent with your efforts and hard work. You must have self-belief as you are almost certain to face failures and self-doubt which you will need to overcome.



What is a Growth Mindset? Why is it important? 

There are two key categories of mindsets that people tend to possess, a fixed or a growth mindset.

A fixed mindset is when people believe both their intelligence and abilities cannot be developed further or changed. They either possess the skills required to do it, or they don’t.

They have a fixed approach to life and are not willing to attempt anything out of this range as they believe they simply don’t have the ability to do so.

On the other hand, people with growth mindsets believe they can develop their intelligence and abilities through hard work and dedication.

With a growth mindset, you are willing to learn and develop your skills, going out of your comfort zone as you aim to improve yourself. A good example of this is looking at someone who is naturally not good at something, for this example let’s use football.

Someone with a fixed mindset would say that they don’t have the required skills or ability to be a good footballer, so their efforts would end here as they wouldn’t even make an attempt as it isn’t something they are naturally good at.

However, a person with a growth mindset would be willing to develop their skills and give football a go. Though they aren’t naturally gifted in the sport, they are willing to put hard work into improving their game and seeing where they can go.

They are not scared to fail a few times in order to improve themselves, as they see their failures as opportunities which they can use to learn and grow from.  

 Having a growth mindset is important as it helps you overcome obstacles that you face in life. With a growth mindset approach, you are willing to learn and overcome the hardships that you face in order to develop your skills, becoming a better version of yourself.  

You are also more likely to reach your full potential, as you are willing to explore more avenues and challenge yourself. Those with a fixed mindset tend to ignore any criticism that they receive and avoid making mistakes whenever they can.

Instead, with a growth mindset you will take on the criticism that you receive and work on it to improve yourself, not having the fear of making mistakes as you know that it will ultimately help you to reach your full potential.  

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Mindset can Improve Self-Confidence 

Once you develop a positive mindset, your confidence and self-esteem will increase because you will have a much more positive outlook on everything. Your self-confidence increases as you are consistently looking at ways to improve and better yourself.  

When you face adversity, you will look to overcome it instead of shy away from it with a positive mindset. This will make you more willing and determined to overcome the problems that you face and find solutions as you aim to develop yourself further. 

You will have better awareness of what your weaknesses are and be able to acknowledge them. By knowing what your weaknesses are, you are able to accept them, therefore giving you the chance to work on them, strengthening your skills overall.  

With the growth mindset approach, you are always learning and developing yourself, seeing constant improvements which ultimately leads to you feeling more satisfied and confident in yourself, as you are always progressing and getting better.   


How the ‘MILITAR MINDSET’ can help… 

The ‘MILITAR MINDSET’ is our own way of acting towards achieving your goals and aspirations. It takes the growth mindset philosophy as each value aims to help you develop yourself as you continue to strive to be better.  

The ‘MILITAR MINDSET’ helps you to have a growth mindset approach as each value when embedded helps you to take action as you work towards your own success and happiness. 

The values serve as steps which you can work towards in your day-to-day life.   

Check out our ‘How the MILITAR MINDSET’ can help you free downloadable resource to learn more.

MILITAR MINDSET free resource download


Conclusion of ‘Mindset is Everything’ 

Overall, the ‘mindset is everything’ statement is very true when aiming to find your own success and happiness, which is what everyone wants deep down.

We all go through struggles on a daily basis in present society, with the likes of depression and anxiety increasing. Our mindset will help us to deal with these problems that we face in the right way, allowing us to overcome our troubles and progress forward to attain our best and happiest lives.  

With the ‘MILITAR MINDSET’ and a growth mindset approach, we are continuously working on ourselves. We become better each day, turning our failures and fears into fuel and drive.

The adversity we face we can learn from as we work harder towards our goals. A positive/strong mindset increases our awareness, of both ourselves and others, increasing our emotional intelligence allowing us to build stronger relationship bonds. 

Hopefully this post has provided you with a better understanding of why our mindsets are important to our everyday life.

Learn more about the ‘MILITAR MINDSET here, along with the free resources we provide.  

Now make that key change to your life and fix your mindset! 

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