5 reasons to start training in Martial Arts

Training in martial arts is beneficial for numerous reasons. The rewards you will gain from regularly training in martial arts will go far beyond the gym you train in, benefiting you in everyday life. We will go through just 5 reasons to why you should train in martial arts!


Learn self-defence

Many people originally start training in martial arts with the aim of learning how to defend themselves. May that be from bullies in school or just having the ability to defend yourself in any given circumstance.

No matter what style you choose to practise, self-defence is a key component of all arts. You will learn how to keep yourself safe from various attacks that are thrown.

For example, Muay Thai will teach you how to effectively defend yourself in a standing position. Whereas Brazilian Jiu Jitsu will show you how to be efficient when fighting on the ground.

With there being so many different arts, there are countless techniques that can be used in self-defence.


Relieve stress

Everyday life can be stressful. Whether that be from school or work life. A great way to relieve the stress you feel is by training in martial arts.

By going to your gym, you are taking yourself out of that stressful environment. Going to a safe place where you have nothing to worry about.

All you must focus on is your training and improving your skills in the art form you choose to do. This can have great mental health benefits to for those that suffer with depression or anxiety.

Allowing you to reach a state of inner-peace where you can clear your mind of any negative thoughts and feel more positive.


Improve your fitness    

When constantly training in martial arts, you will definitely see an improvement in your physical condition. Your goal may be to lose some weight. Or to gain strength and improve your fitness.

With a consistent martial arts training schedule your goals are attainable. Martial arts classes can be physically tough. As many styles will require you to be fit.

Especially for those that choose to compete, as fitness is very important when training for an upcoming competition. You are guaranteed to see an improvement in your fitness over the accumulation of sessions you partake in.

As long as you stay disciplined and committed to attending your training sessions, you will see your fitness levels increase.


Gain more confidence in yourself

Attending your first martial arts session could be a daunting experience. Going to a room full of strangers, where you may not have a clue of what you are doing!

Be assured that everyone has been there. We all must start our martial arts journey somewhere. Most gyms have great instructors that will make you feel at ease. Teaching you the basic techniques and helping you develop your martial arts skills.

When you start to train in martial arts regularly, your confidence will increase. As you will start to become accustomed to the way of training and the techniques used.

One day you may be struggling to perfect a technique you find difficult at the time. But after constant practise you will one day master it. Feeling a great sense of self-accomplishment. This confidence you gain from training in martial arts can then spread to your outer life too.


Martial arts are for everyone!

There is no such thing as being ‘too old’ to train in martial arts! The beauty to martial arts is that there are so many different styles to train in.

You are bound to fight the right one for yourself. Even for kids, parents can sign their children up from as young as the age of 5. The intensity of a martial art can vary.

If you are older and looking for a slower or mediative style, Tai Chi could be the art form for you. If you are after something more physical and challenging, Muay Thai or Brazilian Jiu Jitsu could be more suited for your needs.

The truth is due to the countless number of styles, you won’t know what martial art is best for you to train in until you try it!

We have created the ‘MARTIAL ARTS…WHAT ARE THEY?’ post, that goes into more detail on what martial arts are and the different styles that you can choose to train in.

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