Starting her martial arts journey at the age of 5, attending her first Taekwondo class,Rose Namajunas has gone from strength to strength. Rose has evolved into one of the greatest mixed martial artists in the world.

She competes in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), where she is now a  two-time Strawweight champion.

Namajunas first won the belt in 2017 after defeating Joanna Jędrzejczyk. She would go onto reclaim the belt with a vicious head kick knockout over Weili Zhang in an iconic bout at UFC 261.

Rose Namajunas became the first ever two-time Strawweight champion!

Namajunas has gone through ups and downs and faced many struggles during her life,but she has learned from these experiences, which has shown when she has entered the octagon, putting on masterful performances. Namajunas has indeed shown us the MILITAR MINDSET.  


How has Namajunas displayed the MILITAR MINDSET?

Namajunas has been able to develop a strong MINDSET over time. She has publicly spoken about the hard times she faced in her childhood. Rose was raised in Milwaukee in a tough neighbourhood where crime and violence was common.

Her father had schizophrenia and passed away when she was 16. This was tough on Namajunas and she looked to martial arts to help her deal with her hardships.

Namajunas started Taekwondo at the age of 5, earning her junior black belt at the age of 9. She would go on to train in Karate and Jiu jitsu. Rose started kickboxing in high school at Roufusport and also wrestling at the Milwaukee High School of Arts.

Namajunas got her first breakthrough moment at The Ultimate Fighter. Having just a 2-1 (2 wins, 1 loss) record and being just 22, Namajunas performed incredibly well winning all three of her fights by submission. She went on to reach the final, facing Carla Esparza for the, new at the time, Strawweight belt.

However, she would fall short to the more experienced Esparza losing via a rear naked choke in the 3rd round. Due to all the things she had to deal with, Namajunas was fuelled with anger and negativity. It is through training and educating herself that she has been able to switch this mindset to a more positive outlook.

Through doing this she was able to perform and feel much better after showing glimpses of her potential in her earlier bouts. Going on to finally win the title in 2018, against the then undefeated Joanna Jędrzejczyk by knockout in the first round.

Namajunas tells us: ‘You just keep a positive attitude no matter what comes in your way – challenges, roadblocks – don’t let it faze you, and you can overcome anything.’ Teaching us to always think positively and block out the negativity.

Namajunas is a living example of this, after the hardships she faced and negative mindset she previously had. She was able to switch this around by preparing herself mentally for her fights as well as physically.

She no longer has a negative outlook on things, instead she is positive and thankful for everything that she does have. Being positive and grateful gives Namajunas more confidence and belief in her abilities, which she has shown tremendously in her last few bouts.

You must always think positively when chasing your own dreams. There will always be negatives to overcome, but you must stay strong and keep going!


Namajunas is INSPIRING people all over the world!

Namajunas continues to INSPIRE people with the journey she has been through in her life. Having to go through so many trials and tribulations, Namajunas has showed that anything is possible.

From a troubled childhood, Namajunas has been able to reach the pinnacle of mixed martial arts. Through learning how to overcome her adversities and strengthen herself mentally and physically, she has gone on to become one of the greatest mixed martial artists today.

She inspires people by showing them all is possible, no matter your past. She had the desire and dream to become the champion and she continued to chase that goal.

After falling short in her first title shot against Carla Esparza in 2014, Namajunas was able to regroup.

She went away with lots to work on, still being a novice in the game with just 4 professional MMA fights after the bout!

Namajunas built herself backup in the strawweight division, finally landing her 2nd chance at the title against the then undefeated Polish striking expert, Joanna Jędrzejczyk in 2017.

Namajunas would win in emphatic fashion with a TKO victory in the 1st round. There would be an immediate rematch in which Namajunas would win again via unanimous decision. 

Even though she failed the first time, she did not give up on her dream and worked her way back to the title shot.

Namajunas is also a mental health advocate, having faced her own mental health struggles, she strives to spread more positivity across the world.

She looks to help people who have faced similar problems to her as a child and inspire them by showing them what she herself has been able to achieve. 

Namajunas famously said after becoming the two-time UFC Strawweight champion: ‘I am the best’ displaying her belief and confidence in herself.

Though an underdog in the bout against Weili Zhang, she believed in herself and showcased her skills to the world, with a spectacular knockout.

She knew that once she was able to train and prepare herself physically and mentally for her fights, that she would indeed be the best.

Through hard work and dedication, Namajunas was able to achieve her dreams. You must believe in yourself and continue to work hard when chasing your own aspirations. Through this belief and work ethic, you will go far on your journey towards your ultimate dream.


Namajunas has shown us that she is LIMITLESS!

Namajunas is definitely LIMITLESS! Becoming a UFC champion is an accomplishment barely anyone can say they have achieved. To become the champion, you really have to be at the top of your game.

Especially in the UFC where all competitors perform at such a high level. Rose was able to do this not once, but twice!

After successfully defending her title against Joanna Jędrzejczyk in a rematch, she would suffer a shock defeat in her next bout against Jessica Andrade where she would lose her title.

All was going well for her in the fight untill she was unfortunately slammed on her head and lost via knockout. Though she lost the title that night, she was able to go back to the drawing board and re-evaluate.

Just over a year later, Namajunas would come out victorious in the rematch winning via split decision. She was able to improve all of her skills in all departments of her game. Allowing her to come out as a better version of herself.

In that year she would continue to work hard and push herself beyond her believed limits. Namajunas would then go into another title bout with Weili Zhang, this time as a challenger.

Weili Zhang was on an incredible 21-fight win streak. She had only lost one bout and that was her first! She was the clear favourite in the fight against Namajunas after asserting her dominance over the rest of the fighters she faced.

Though people doubted that Namajunas would be able to win the fight, she never doubted herself. She knew she had what it took to win. As she could be seen yelling ‘I am the best’ in the octagon before the fight!

Namajunas proved the critics wrong in a fast and flawless performance landing a beautifully timed head kick which would end the fight and Namajunas as the new two time strawweight champion!

Namajunas tells us: ‘I wake up every morning trying to be a new, better person and version of myself. I never try and be the same thing’ Showing us that she is always looking to improve.

Namajunas teaches us that we should always strive to improve ourselves in some way. We can always better ourselves, so we should aim to evolve in any way we can.

She has no limits and is always looking to grow and become better as not just a martial artist, but a person. She is limitless on what she can achieve and is always striving high.

You must be limitless in your own approach towards your goals. Through continuous work and an open mind, you will be able to push the limits and aim high towards your dream!

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Namajunas is able to reach her own INNER-PEACE

Namajunas is now able to reach a state of INNER- PEACE. It was something Rose struggled with earlier on. Admitting that many of her earlier fights were driven by hate and anger that she carried from her childhood.

Through training and educating herself she is now able to fight with a much more positive attitude. She now looks to spread positivity and stay true to herself.

Embedding the key values that martial arts has taught her about being respectful and the best possible person she can be. After taking this approach Rose has been able to find her own inner-peace and as a result of this she has been fantastic in her fights too.

Namajunas no longer fuels herself with anger, she has a more positive outlook on life. It is that positivity that she uses to help her find her own inner-peace

Namajunas also aims to give back to the less fortunate. This also helps her to reach her own inner-peace by giving back to people that are in need of it. 

Also outside of the octagon, Namajunas is a keen farmer. She enjoys spending time with nature and animals, even stating that after her fighting career is over, she would like to be a full-time farmer!

She tells us: ‘I’m successful every day because I look in the mirror, and I’m happy with who I am.’ Showing us that she is now staying true to herself and being herself.

She excepts who she is and doesn’t hide from it, allowing her to be at peace with herself.

By doing this she is much happier and in a better place mentally. You must stay true to yourself and pursue your own passions to reach your own inner-peace.


Namajunas understands the value of TIME

Namajunas understands the importance of patience and giving things TIME. Though she is still young, she has been through a lot. In terms of her mixed martial arts career, she has gone through both ups and downs.

Namajunas started her martial arts journey back when she was just 5 years old. She wouldn’t claim the title for the first time till she was 25 years old. Her martial arts journey span over 20 years for her to reach the pinnacle for the first time.

It wasn’t an easy journey for Namajunas, it required time and patience.

The shortcomings she has had, have only allowed her to come back stronger and better. A good example of this was after her shock defeat against Jessica Andrade.

In 2019, Namajunas would travel over to Brazil for UFC 237, where she faced the hometown power puncher, Jessica Andrade.

Though Andrade was a good fighter with the hometown advantage, Namajunas was expected to win. It was looking to go that way too as Namajunas was performing well.

However, unfortunately as Andrade went for a powerful slam takedown, Namajunas landed on her head, ending the fight. Though Rose lost the fight, it came as a relief to her.

Being able to step away from the title took a lot of pressure off of her shoulders. In the subsequent year off she had, she was able to rediscover her passion for martial arts and get herself into a better spiritual and mental place.

The time off proved well for Rose as she was able come back stronger, defeating Andrade via split decision.

From then she went onto make history, defeating Weili Zhang to become the two time strawweight champion!

Namajunas has said: ‘Some of the things I’ve had to overcome in my past, fighting helped me deal with a lot of struggles. Obstacles in life don’t make you a great fighter, but fighting – or, I should say, martial arts – helps you overcome your obstacles.’.

Through martial arts, Rose has learned some key values that she was able to implement into her own day-to-day life.

Namajunas has learned from her past mistakes and with time and patience, was able to improve herself and return better.

When aiming to fulfil your own aspirations you will most certainly face some adversity. You must be patient and give things time. Learn from your shortcomings then strive towards your goals.  


Namajunas is always ACTIVE

Namajunas stays ACTIVE. She knows that to remain at the top, she must continue to put the work in. Since the age of 5, Namajunas has been involved with martial arts.

From here she would actively train in Taekwondo to achieve her black belt at the age of 9 then going onto to train in Karate to achieve her black belt in that too! Namajunas also currently holds a brown belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (she will probably be a black belt soon!).

We can see that she is committed to whatever she does. Making sure that she is consistent in her training in order to continuously improve. Now as a mixed martial artist Namajunas continues to stay in shape and in the gym, always looking to improve her craft.

Namajunas usually aims to fight around 2 to 3 times a year. Though she is always making sure that she is in shape by actively training.

Namajunas tells us: ‘It’s really nice to know that hard work does pay off.’ Here we can see that Namajunas has started to see the rewards from her incredible work ethic. From a young age she has shown this.

We can now see how much it has paid off with the outstanding accomplishments she has achieved in her illustrious career. You must continue to work, day in day out to achieve your own dream. By staying active you will make constant progress towards your goals.  


Namajunas is just RELENTLESS!

Namajunas really is RELENTLESS! From the tough upbringing she had. She has defied all odds by becoming hugely successful and one of the greatest mixed martial artists in the modern day.

In a short amount of time, she has been able to achieve remarkable things in her mixed martial arts career. The setbacks and struggles she has faced,  have only helped her to evolve into the person she is today.

She tells us: ‘I guess I’m crazy. If everything was easy-peasy and green lights all the time, it’d be kind of boring.’ Showing us how she enjoys the feeling of facing adversity.

Encountering problems has made the road to her dreams tougher but in a way more enjoyable as she knows that she has had to overcome something to get to where she is.

Without the adversities she faced, it would be a much duller road. Not being able to learn and improve herself the way she has done with the obstacles that she has faced.

Rose Namajunas has been relentless throughout her life. She will continue to be relentless as she looks to cement her legacy in the mixed martial arts history books.

To reach your own dreams you must be relentless too. By having that drive and hunger to keep going, even in the tough times, it will only pay dividends when you finally reach your ultimate dream.  

Namajunas currently stands as one of the best mixed martial artists in the world. Displaying her amazing skills on the world stage. From the way she has been able to evolve and overcome her tough childhood, we can all be inspired in our own journeys to fulfill our aspirations.  

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