Start the New Year Right (How to start your 2022)!

Today we have awoken into a new calendar year. 2021 has come to a fanatical end, as we step into uncharted territory…2022.

2021 may have been a great year for you, or maybe it wasn’t. Nevertheless, 2022 is a fresh year. A new look. A new start.

That said it is vital that you start your year strong as you mean to go on.

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Within a calendar year there are 365 days. This is a substantial amount of time for you to progress towards your desired goals.

Take some time out of your day today and think to yourself, what do I want to achieve this year? The first step towards a successful year is by planning out the milestones you want to accomplish throughout the year.

As stated before, a year is a long time. To keep yourself on track, you must have goals to accomplish at different points in the year. Setting yourself just one goal at the end will make it difficult for yourself to achieve, leaving you less motivated to accomplish the goal.

For example, let’s says you want to become a mixed martial artist and compete professionally. You have no prior experience in martial arts, but you have started to become intrigued by the sport and are passionate to make a career out of it.

You will not be able to step straight into a professional bout with the UFC!

Some very basic steps would be:

  • Join a mixed martial arts gym and start to learn and train
  • Speak to the coaches about your intentions to compete in MMA
  • Compete in interclubs to build up experience and have that ‘fight feeling’
  • Start competing at an amateur level
  • Start competing at a professional level

This is a very basic roadmap to becoming a professional mixed martial artist, with there being much more detail and work to do.

This applies to anything that you do, especially if you are starting something with no prior experience. Accomplishing goals takes TIME and you must constantly be progressing forward.

In most cases a year will not be enough time to achieve your ultimate dream, especially if you are being LIMITLESS and aiming high!

However, to end a year how you started, staying disciplined and continuously checking off the goals that you set yourself at the beginning, is a great sign and a fantastic start to attain that long term vision.

We have more in detail posts and resources that can help you set yourself goals to attain your dreams, with the aid of our very own ‘MILITAR MINDSET’. Make sure to check the post below to learn more:

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We hope this blog post has set you in good spirits for the new year and motivated to pursue your own passions and attain your dreams!

If there are any questions on this blog post, the ‘MILITAR MINDSET’, or any general enquiries, feel free to contact us.

We wish you all the best 2022, with happiness and success. Now make sure that you take action and start making your plan for the year RIGHT NOW!

Post by Militar Team

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