The Militar First Collection: Part 1

After the Conception of Militar in August 2020, we are glad to finally announce the Militar First Collection: Part 1, will release on Monday the 6th of December 2021.

A lot of time and hard work has been put into releasing this first part of the collection, so we are excited to finally be able to unveil the first clothing release!

Militar Black Classic Hoodie and Joggers worn by model


The thought process behind the Militar First Collection: Part 1

As a brand-new business, we were limited with our budget and resources. Therefore, we had to make sure each item within the collection stood out and was unique, resembling Militar.

We decided that the best items to start with were definitely a hoodie and a pair of joggers (more to come in Part 2…). Through research we knew these items were the most popular to start off with.

Then again for the colours, black and grey, they were the most popular colourway options that people tended to purchase.

Prior to designing the Militar First Collection, we took inspiration from the likes of Nike, Adidas and Trapstar, to create a collection that would meet what you, our customer, are most looking for in a clothing brand.

We knew that to make the clothing truly stand out, we must make it unique. Different from anything else. This is when we decided to make the icon in our logo a big part of the clothing.

We knew that the logo was bold and strong, representing what we stand for here at Militar.

After trying a few things…we loved the way that the pattern looked when printed repeatedly in a line. With the black items, we printed the pattern in white and for the grey items we printed the pattern in black.

The colours contrasted nicely, finishing the look of the first ever Militar clothing items.

In a nutshell, that is some of the thought that went into the construction of the Militar First Collection: Part 1! More will be revealed with BIGGER things to come in Part 2!

model running in Militar Classic Grey Hoodie and Joggers


A look at each item in the Militar First Collection: Part 1

As stated before, we decided to go with these 2 items for the Militar First Collection: Part 1, a hoodie and a pair of joggers. The two colourways at the moment are black and grey (we may release some other colourways soon…).

model wearing Militar Classic Black Hoodie and Militar Classic Grey Joggers


The Militar Classic Hoodie

The Militar Classic Hoodie is created with a cotton and polyester blend. The composition of the hoodie is 65% cotton and 35% polyester. After trying a few materials, we believed this would be most suitable for the first collection. This blend allows for the hoodie to be both comfortable and stretchy, allowing you to train, relax or anything you please!

As you can see, the iconic Militar logo is printed across the end of the sleeves and hem of the clothes. On the black hoodie, the pattern is printed in white and on the grey hoodie the pattern is printed in black.

Militar Classic Hoodies


The Militar Classic Joggers

The Militar Classic Joggers are created with the exact same material, 65% cotton and 35% polyester. This material composition allows for the joggers to feel both comfortable and stretchy, fit for whatever you choose to do!

The joggers are the perfect match to go with the hoodie, finishing of the complete Militar look!

The joggers are also slim fitted, like the hoodie. The joggers fit true to size, but if you are looking for a slightly looser fit, we recommend that you take a size up. It may feel slightly tight too when first worn, but this is normal as the material is stretchy, it will adjust to your fit when worn.

The iconic Militar logo is printed at the hem of the joggers, printed in white on the black joggers and black on the grey joggers.

Militar Classic Joggers

Check out the ‘Conception of Militar’ video and post we released recently, to learn more about the origins and purpose of the brand. 

In summary that is the Militar First Collection: Part 1! We hope that you enjoy the items that we have created so far, fulfilling your purpose for it, allowing you to strive on to achieve your own dreams.

Check out our first ever review and unbox video to learn more about the brand and the unpacking experience!

If you have any questions on this post, the MILITAR MINDSET,or any other enquiries feel free to contact us.

Part 2 coming very soon…


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