Tyson Fury is one of the greatest boxers in the modern-day era. He possesses all the attributes a truly great boxer needs to reach the top. Standing at a humongous 6ft 9, Fury’s speed and reflexes are remarkable for a man his size!

In 2015, Fury was able to do the unthinkable, de-throne the great Ukrainian champion, Wladimir Klitschko. Fury was a major underdog in the fight, but he won via unanimous decision, becoming the WBA (super), IBF, WBO, IBO and The Ring heavyweight champion!

After a stint out of the ring, Fury re-embarked on his journey to become the heavyweight champion of the world for a second time. He faced the fearsome power puncher, Deontay Wilder, a man who had knocked out every opponent he had faced prior to facing Fury!

In 2020, Fury again defied the odds, defeating Wilder to become the WBC and The Ring heavyweight champion.

Fury is also a mental health advocate having faced his own mental health problems. Fury has become an author and writes his own books detailing how he was able to turn his life around.

He was able to reach the top once again after hitting rock bottom. Fury has the MILITAR MINDSET!


Tyson Fury’s MINDSET allowed him to reach the top once again!

Tyson Fury’s MINDSET has allowed him to battle through the problems he has faced, to reach happiness in his life. Tyson Fury was born in Wythenshawe in Manchester, England.

He was born to Amber and John Fury, who are both of Irish descent. Fury was born three months premature, just weighing one pound at the time.

His chances of surviving were very slim. Fury’s mother had 14 pregnancies in total, but only 4 were able to survive. After surviving the early struggles, he was named ‘Tyson’, after the legendary heavyweight world champion Mike Tyson.

As a child Fury was constantly surrounded by boxing. His family roots are in boxing, where many of his ancestors were bare knuckle champions.

His father John, was a professional boxer at the time, often bringing Tyson to the gym when he trained. At around the age of 10, Fury started to train in boxing.

When Fury was 11, he left school as he focused on boxing, working with his father and brothers where they tarmacked roads. Fury continued to train in boxing competing as an amateur, then as a professional where he worked his way up the ranks.

Fury finally did make it to the top in 2015, when he defeated the Ukrainian powerhouse Wladimir Klitschko, who was undefeated in over 10 years at the time!

No one gave Fury a chance, seeing as the previous 21 opponents Klitschko faced were all defeated by the heavyweight king. Many not going the full distance with him.

Fury shocked the masses with a boxing masterclass winning by unanimous decision. He was the heavyweight champion of the world! His lifelong dream since he was a child. Fury was on top of the world.

Why did it all go so wrong?

Fury admitted that after he achieved his lifelong dream, he didn’t know what to do.

Fury felt that he had completed his sole purpose in life. Feeling as he had no purpose in life, Fury took a dark turn. He turned to alcohol and drugs.

This made his situation worse and he began to contemplate suicide.

How did Fury get out of this dark place?

He changed his mindset. Fury realised he didn’t want to live his life in unhappiness. He got himself back into training and back to what he does best. Boxing.

Fury has stated that regular training helps him deal with his mental health problems. Fury always thinks positive and tries not to be swayed by his negative thoughts.

He tells us ‘I fought back from thinking about suicide, mental health, depression, anxiety. I wanted more than anything to show the world it can be done. Anything is possible with the right mindset.’ Teaching us that we can do anything with the right mindset.

Fury was in a dark place, but by having a strong and positive mindset, he was able to overcome the struggles he faced.

Fury has encouraged us to realise that we must always do what makes us happy. You must focus your mind on your passion. Once one goal is achieved don’t stop. You must always focus your mind on your dreams and carry on going. Never give up!


Fury is INSPIRING us all…

Following Tyson Fury’s triumphant return to the heavyweight throne, he has been able to INSPIRE us all. Fury regularly talks about the problems he faced in regard to his mental health.

He has gone on to write books about how he was able to overcome the mental battles he faced, teaching us how he was able to turn his life around.

Mental health is a major issue in today’s society, with many younger people now suffering from it. Fury acts as a pioneer for mental health advising people to seek help and talk about their issues.

He inspires us all by telling us it ok to seek mental health help. Fury is living proof that a man that looks like he has it all, may not. Deep down they may be suffering and completely depressed.

Fury teaches us that when in this situation, there is a way back to happiness and contentment by seeking help and guidance. Fury himself was able to do this with his return to boxing.

He was weighing around 400 pounds, but he aimed to reclaim the heavyweight throne. It was not an easy journey, but Fury was motivated to do it.

After having two return fights, Fury went straight into the deep end, fighting the destructive power puncher, Deontay Wilder. He was known for his power, knocking out everyone he faced in devastating fashion.

Prior to facing Fury, Wilder had faced 41 opponents, and he finished all of them within the distance. Fury was a huge underdog once again, just like he was against Klitschko.

Fury surprised the doubters when he boxed spectacularly in the fight. He was knocked down twice in the fight. One in the 9th, but as most people know and have seen, he was brutally knocked down in the 12th round by Wilder.

The fight looked like it was over, but Fury refused to give in. He got up! Going on to finish the round strong. Though the fight ended up as a draw, many people thought Fury deserved to win.

The two went on to fight each other again, with Fury being victorious in the rematch, not leaving it in the hands of the judges as he won via TKO in the 7th round.

As displayed in the header image Fury has declared ‘If I can turn my life around from what I have been through, and still come back, then anybody can achieve anything they want to from life. I mean that.’

Fury has shown that there is a way back for all people, no matter the situation. Inspiring all to do what delights them. Live the life you want to live. As long as you have the right mindset, you can accomplish anything you put your mind too!


Fury really is LIMITLESS!

Fury is LIMITLESS. He believes whatever he puts his mind to he will seek and achieve it. Fury never puts any limits on himself.

Since he was a child he always dreamed and aimed big, as he wanted to become the heavyweight champion of the world. A title that is so rare that many people would say it is nearly impossible, but Fury always believed he could.

He knew that by staying dedicated to his craft, putting in those extra hours of work, his dream was attainable.

Fury did achieve his childhood dream, becoming the unified heavyweight champion of the world by defeating the dominant Ukrainian champion, Wladimir Klitschko in 2015.

After his time out of the ring, Fury had a new challenge. One that many would again deem virtually impossible. Weighing around 400 pounds, Fury announced he was going to make a return to the ring!

Not many people thought it would be a success, seeing the sheer size that Fury had put on. Again, he did the impossible, cutting down all the weight, reaching his physical prime condition.

Fury became the heavyweight champion of the world once more in 2020, after defeating knockout artist Deontay Wilder.

Becoming the heavyweight champion of the world is no easy task! It requires a lot of dedication and self-belief. Fury didn’t do this just once…but twice!

Fury has now won every major world title (the WBA (super), WBO, WBC and IBF), as well as holding The Ring and lineal world titles too.

Fury has truly won everything there is to win in the professional ranks, proving that he has no limits and can achieve anything that he desires.

This reinforces how much belief he has in his ability.

Not only has Fury achieved remarkable things in boxing. He has also written his own books, appeared and competed in the WWE and even featured in a song with Robbie Williams!

Fury has said in the past, ‘People can say what they want about me. But I’ve got a big heart and will keep going’. Fury teaches us to not care about what other people think. Do as you please. Whatever is in your heart, follow it!

You can never limit yourself when chasing your goals. Always be limitless. How else will you know what you are truly capable of?


Fury has found his INNER-PEACE

Following his struggles with mental health, Fury has now been able to find his INNER-PEACE. He realised that for him to be able to achieve this, he must find out what made him happy.

Immediately, Fury sought medical attention. This allowed him to get his feelings out so that someone could help him find his solution to find happiness.

Fury regularly trains as it helps his mental health hugely. It allows him to cast away his negative thoughts and focus on improving himself.

His true passion is boxing, which is why he was able to dedicate many hours to perfect his craft.

Regularly training allows him to stay in good mental and physical condition. Outside of boxing, Fury aims to help others that have struggled with mental health like him.

He is an advocate for mental health, having written books and holding shows where he meets and teaches people how he was able to overcome his own struggles.

As well as this, Fury likes to spend time with his family. Fury is also a devout Christian, allowing him to grow spiritually and mentally. He has previously said he likes doing ‘the little things’ such as emptying the bins!

Fury is grateful for what he has and believes we all should be, ‘take a minute to look around and be thankful for what we do have’. Be grateful for what you do have, not what you don’t.

There are always more things that we can have, but then there are always people who have less than us too. Being grateful for what we do have will make us appreciate those things we take for granted more.

Fury was able to find his inner-peace by staying true to himself and doing things that make him happy. In order to find your own inner-peace, you must know what it is you want in life and drive towards it!


Fury realises the value of TIME

If anyone knows the true value of TIME, it’s Tyson Fury! Achieving his dream of becoming the world heavyweight champion did not happen overnight.

As Fury himself said, he dreamt of becoming the champion ever since he was a child. Starting boxing at the age of 10, Fury became the champion of the world in 2015, defeating Wladimir Klitschko, at the age of 27.

It took Fury 17 years of hard work and dedication to train his way up to the heavyweight world title. Fury started of boxing as an amateur, compiling an impressive record of 31-4 (41 wins, 4 losses).

He attempted to make the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, but unfortunately he wasn’t able to, as England had already chosen David Price to represent them and Ireland refused his request for representation.

He represented both England and Ireland on the amateur scene, winning the ABA super heavyweight title in 2008. Later that year, Fury decided not to chase the 2012 Olympics and go professional in 2008.

He needed a further 7 years as a professional to build up his skills and experience in the ring, building up an impressive 24 fight win-streak, before he finally got his chance at the glorious heavyweight world title.

Fury never rushed himself to reach his long-term goal, instead he worked his way up, fighting better opposition each time. He went from fighting the best in the country, then progressing to the best in Europe, finally onto the best in the world.

By doing this Fury was developing his craft and becoming a much better boxer, which allowed him to put on a spectacular performance when given the shot at the world title.

He was patient and gave things time to progress to the top.

Another time Fury was able to show patience was when he was out of the ring going through his problems. He ballooned in weight, apparently weighing around 400 pounds at one point!

When Fury decided the time was right, he got back into training. With the help of Ben Davison and the people around him, Fury was able to shed the weight he had put on.

Fury was patient during this whole process. He knew it was no easy task to cut all this weight. Within a year of starting his training, Fury returned in 2018.

After nearly 3 years out the ring, Fury faced Sefer Seferi in the Manchester Arena. After the fight, he continued to work hard and cut the weight he had put on going on to fight Francesco Pianeta the fight after. 

Just 2 months later he ended the year with one more fight, his famous first encounter with Deontay Wilder.

Fury reflects on his time out the ring ‘I was way out of control. Something needed to happen, and it did.’  Stating that Wilder had said ‘He told me I couldn’t come back. I was too fat. I was finished. So it gave me the motivation to come back.’

Here we can see how motivated Fury was to turn his life around for the better, proving the doubters wrong.

It wasn’t an easy road back for Fury, it took a lot of time and patience.

Fury’s motivation and dedication to becoming the world champion once again, is what allowed him to continue to endure through the tough times when getting back into shape.

Fury has enabled us to realise that with time and patience, we can reach the end goal we desire.

No one at all gave Fury a hope to return to the ring with the weight he had put on. Absolutely no one (except friends and family of course!). That didn’t stop him doing it!

You must stay strong and patient when chasing your ambitions. Be headstrong. Not every day will be easy. There will be tough days.

You must power through those harder times, as by overcoming those struggles, one day you will reach the end goal you desire. With time, you will get there!


Fury stays ACTIVE!

Fury doesn’t like to dawdle around. He stays ACTIVE! To reach the top of the boxing world he was active from a young age.

Beginning his boxing journey at the age of 10, Fury  competed in many amateur competitions, representing both England and Ireland. He was a bronze medallist in the World Junior Championships in 2006 in Morocco.

He then went on to win the ABA super heavyweight title in 2008. Fury initially wanted to compete in the 2008 Olympics, but he was not able to fight for either England or Ireland.

Fury then decided not to wait till the 2012 Olympics and go straight to the professional ranks, turning pro at the end of 2008.

Fury again stayed active in his early years as a pro boxer, having eight fights in his first full year as a pro in 2009.

To reach the top of the heavyweight game, Fury new he had to build himself up step by step.

He set himself smaller goals before he could reach his ultimate goal, the pinnacle of boxing, the world heavyweight title. Fury first aimed for the English heavyweight title, which he was able to achieve when he defeated John McDermott in 2009.

Fury took a step up when he defeated Derek Chisora for the first time, winning the British and Commonwealth heavyweight titles in 2011.

Again, Fury aimed even higher, as he defeated Chisora in a rematch in 2014, winning the European, WBO international and vacant heavyweight title.

Finally in 2015, Fury went onto fight for the heavyweight championship of the world, defeating the solid Ukrainian, Wladimir Klitschko on his home turf in Ukraine via unanimous decision.

He then became the WBA (super), IBF, WBO, IBO and The Ring heavyweight champion!

We can see that Fury was very active to reach this point. He started off his career as a child competing in the amateurs in various tournaments.

Fury adopted the same approach in the pro game, staying active early on to gain the experience and skills needed to compete at the top of boxing.

He took a step up each time he fought till he was finally ready for the world heavyweight title shot.

As Fury has grown into one of the biggest boxers in the world, he now must have solid training camps to prepare for his opponents.

When training for a fight, he takes training seriously, getting ready months prior to the bout to make sure he is in the best condition.

When not fighting, Fury still trains. He enjoys waking up early and going on runs. Fury keeps himself engaged with many different things.

Having previously mentioned he has written books and gone on live tours! Also spending time with family is something Fury loves to do.

Fury believes staying active is good for your mental health too as staying active gives you no time to dwell on the negative thoughts you may have. You will be too busy for that!

Fury tells us ‘The past is the past. What happened yesterday is history, I look forward to the future on a daily basis’. Here Fury is teaching us to always take each day as it comes.

Whatever happened in the past we cannot change, but we can take action today.

Each day we can continue to be active and progress towards the goals we set ourselves on a daily basis.

Fury knows that staying active is required to reach the goals he sets himself, but also has a positive impact on his mental and physical wellbeing.

You must stay active and push on always! After you’ve read this. Make sure to think. What will you do today to help you chase your ambitions?


Fury is nothing but RELENTLESS!

Fury is…RELENTLESS. Ever since the age of 10. Fury had just one goal in mind. To become the heavyweight champion of the world.

His lifelong fulfilment and purpose in life. Fury didn’t want anything else. The most prized asset in the whole of boxing. He wouldn’t accept anything but the top.

Once he made it, Fury did unfortunately have a downfall due to his mental health struggles. But he came back. Fury refused to let his mental health problems ruin his life further, he sought help and got himself back on track.

The road back to the top was tough. Fury was relentless and determined to do it again. His first shot at Wilder in 2018 ended in a controversial draw, with many people believing he should have won.

Fury faced adversity again in the fight when he was viscously knocked down in the 12th. Again…Fury refused to give in. He got back up to his feet and finished the fight strong.

He clearly showed that he was back and ready to compete with the worlds best once again. However, his goal of reclaiming the world title was not yet achieved, as it was a draw, Wilder retained his titles.

Fury kept working hard, he had 2 more fights till he once again returned against Wilder. This time Fury did not leave it in the hands of the judges, winning in dominant fashion by TKO in the 7th round!

Fury has always been relentless throughout his life, whatever challenges he has faced, he has overcome them and striven forward.

Fury states ‘For me, it’s about being a star, being a superstar, and not just winning a world title but becoming the best-ever British fighter this country has ever had. That’s what I am, and that’s what I intend to do.’

Showing us the end goal that Fury has in mind for himself. He doesn’t want to be just a world champion, but the best British fighter of all time!

This a massive goal that Fury has set himself, but he is determined to achieve it as he continues to put on great performances in the ring.

Fury has exhibited how we need to be when chasing our goals. Relentless. You must take this approach to your dreams for them to truly manifest into reality.

Even when you may be on the verge of quitting. Don’t quit. Your efforts will one day be rewarded, you just need to keep on going!

Tyson Fury is a unique person. Not just one of the greatest boxers who will go down in the history of the sport but also someone that has inspired people to overcome their problems and live the best life they can.

We can learn from Tyson Fury’s journey and how he has been able to overcome his adversities to return to the top, striving to live the happiest life he can.

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