What are the Militar Values?

The Militar values are at the core of everything we do, being the literal meaning of our name ‘Militar’, each letter represents a Militar value.  

For those who aren’t familiar with the Militar values, they are: 








This makes Militar an acronym, showing just how important the Militar values are to us and for you.  

We aim to implement the Militar values on a daily basis, hoping to inspire you to also embed the Militar values into your own life. 

The purpose behind the Militar values is to clearly show what we aim to do. The Militar values were chosen for a reason, to enable us to work towards our vision of inspiring as many of you as possible to pursue your own dreams and passions.  

Each value links back to our vision, as together they all serve as a crucial reminder of what we all need to do in our individual lives to reach our goals.  

We have written detailed posts on the Militar values, but just to sum them all up, here are a few sentences describing each one.  

Your MINDSET is important as you must have the self-belief to do whatever you put your mind to, being positive and neglecting any negativity to persevere forward towards your goals. 

We all either take INSPIRATION from something/someone, or we INSPIRE others to achieve their own goals and dreams. In a way it lights a fire inside of us seeing that our dreams are attainable.  

Anything is possible if you truly believe in yourself and work hard, so always be LIMITLESS to reach your true full potential.  

INNER-PEACE may be the hardest thing to attain, but something we all desire, working towards finding our own inner-peace will one day result in our true happiness. 

Accomplishing our dreams is never an overnight process, all great achievements require TIME. We must be patient and disciplined, continuing to work towards our aspirations each day.  

Similarly, we must be making continuous progress towards our goals. Stay ACTIVE and maintain a strong work ethic as each day you should be making progress no matter how much, just keep moving forward and working towards your goal. 

At the end of the day, chasing our dreams is never easy, it is always tough with adversities to overcome. You must be RELENTLESS and willing to battle through the hardships you face to attain your dreams. 

These 7 values make up ‘Militar’, as you can see, they are all vital and provide support to you on your own journey in pursuit of your passions. 

Each value is strong in its own right, living these values enables us to better ourselves. 

The values make up the ‘MILITAR MINDSET’ which we go through in another post. 

Hopefully this post has provided you with some helpful insight on what the Militar values are. 

The Militar values are what we stand for! 

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Post by Militar Team

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