What does Militar mean to you?

Militar means strength. 

Militar means that I can defy the odds, no matter whether people deem it as possible, as long as I believe and work hard. 

Militar means that I will find my why. My purpose.  

Militar means that I will go on my own unique path, in search of finding my own inner-peace and contentment. 

Militar means that I will express myself honestly, by pursuing my own passions. 

Militar means that I will continue to battle through the hardships and struggles I face, to one day reach my happiness and dreams. 

Militar means mindset, inspire, limitless, inner-peace, time, active and relentless. Literally. 

Militar means whatever you want it to be, as long as you are inspired to pursue your own dreams and passions. 

Militar means to be YOU. 

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Post by Militar Team

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