What does Militar represent?

Militar represents the personal struggles we all endure on a daily basis. Hence why we chose the name ‘Militar’, which can be defined as: “a solider”. We are all constantly battling our own inner demons, making us all soldiers in our own right. We are all Militar. 

Militar represents you and I, a standard living, but we feel unfulfilled. Unsatisfied. Unhappy. It is time for us to reach our full potential and pursue our true passions, which is where Militar comes in.  

Militar hopes to serve as that inspiration and motivation for you to take the vital step towards your goals and dreams, reinforcing how anything is possible with self-belief and hard work. This is where our core values come into play, making up the ‘MILITAR MINDSET’. 








Each letter in Militar literally represents the core values that we hold, displaying the purpose and thought that has gone into the construction of the brand. 

Every Militar value was carefully chosen, reflecting our daily lives, showing us what is required to step forward towards our goals. Each value is relatable to us all, as they all enable us to step closer towards our goals if embedded into our lives. 

All Militar values show us the endless opportunities we have if we apply ourselves properly.  

In simplified terms, this is what Militar represents.  

Militar represents your unique path to finding out who you are and what you want to do with your life.  

Militar represents your unique journey towards contentment and happiness.  

Militar represents YOU. 

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Post by Militar Team

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