What to wear with Jogging Bottoms

September 6, 2022

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What are Joggers? 

Joggers were originally worn for exercise but over the last few years they have become a lot more fashionable and so are more widely worn. Joggers are athletic looking, light weight trousers that are commonly worn for sports. They are comfortable and are sometimes referred to as loungewear.  

Joggers can have drawstring or elasticated waists and they tend to be tapered at the bottom with tight or elasticated cuffs. This helps to keep them close to the body and therefore easier to do sports in.  

Today Joggers come in a variety of materials like polyester, cotton etc and they are widely available in a variety of styles and colours. 

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What’s the difference between sweatpants and joggers? 

Most people think that sweatpants and joggers are the same. However, there is a slight difference between them both. 

Joggers are usually worn and used for athletic purposes. They are comfortable to wear, and because they are made of a lighter fabric they allow you to be more mobile when exercising.  Joggers tend to be made up of cotton and polyester materials and they are generally made to be slim fitting and tapered down the leg to fit more closely.  

On the other hand, sweatpants are normally made of thicker material, making them a little less easy to move around in. Sweatpants are more so suited to the winter season, being made up of materials such as fleece, cotton blends and wool. 

Sweatpants are usually a much looser fit than joggers. They are created to give more comfort and warmth than be of practical use while working out. 

Sweatpants are also made in more basic styles and colours like grey, black and navy, whereas joggers have a much wider range of colours and styles, with additional features such as stripes and patterns making the garment more unique. 


Why are joggers popular? 

In recent times, joggers have become much more fashionable. Not only are they worn for exercising, but in day-to-day life too. A key reason as to why joggers have seen such a prominent rise is due to them being a far more comfortable choice than many alternatives.

People prefer to wear clothes that they feel cosy in, compared to the likes of jeans where they feel much more restricted and less at ease.  

The streetwear movement have adopted joggers as one of its stable items. Most streetwear brands have their own style of joggers as it has become one of the key clothing items they can use to represent their style.

Streetwear is entrenched in culture with links to  music, therefore many musical artists are seen wearing joggers regularly, inspiring their fans to follow suit.

Aside from their popularity people love joggers because they can go with anything! You could wear a t-shirt, hoodie, denim jacket and many other things with your joggers as there are many styles of joggers that you can mix and match with the rest of your wardrobe. 


Is it OK to wear joggers in public? 

Like we said before, joggers have gone beyond just being worn in the gym. They are acceptable to wear in many other circumstances outside of your training regime.  

The great thing about joggers is that they can go with virtually anything! More on what to wear your joggers with in the ‘What to Wear Joggers With’ section. 

Following recent events, joggers have seen an even bigger rise in  popularity, especially out in public.  

Whilst we were in the Coronavirus lockdown, people were forced to stay at home, leaving the house very little. Those that tended to previously purchase and live in their jeans, switched over to joggers as it was a much more comfortable alternative and more suitable for staying at home.

Now that lockdown restrictions have eased and people are out more in public, many have chosen to stick with their joggers, already climatised to the comfort and ease of movement that come with them. Lots of people would rather stick with their joggers than go back to their conventional but ‘uncomfortable’ jeans.  

Militar Self Tracksuit in Black 


Are joggers in style? 

Joggers are still in style, and it looks to stay that way with the increasing rise of athleisure and sportswear trends.  

Like we touched upon before, celebrities play a big part in fashion trends and what is viewed as ‘stylish’. Many popular figures are often seen wearing joggers on their daily endeavours, influencing the many fans they have across the globe.  


Should joggers be tight? 

Joggers should be slim fitted, but they shouldn’t be too wide, as they will then look to baggy. Nor should they be too skinny, as they will then look like leggings. Joggers should be tapered down the leg, remaining comfortable with enough space to move around in. The ankles are usually then tapered with elasticated cuffs.  

How To Find the Right Joggers for Me 

When it comes to finding the right joggers for yourself, here are a few key things to look for…


Find Joggers with Structure 

Usually, it is cheaper joggers that don’t have much structure. Though their price point may be appealing, the longevity of the joggers aren’t usually that great. Joggers on the cheaper side tend to be made up of a stretchy cotton type material, which after a few washes loses its structure as your body adjusts and changes.  


Look for Joggers Made up of a Good Material 

Nowadays with the rise of internet shopping, it can be hard to tell which joggers are good quality without being able to see them in person. The alternative to this would be to try them in store and then buy online, or thoroughly check the reviews for the item you are about to purchase.

The price point of the joggers is usually a good indication of the quality of the joggers, as the higher the price, the better quality you would expect.

In terms of the best material compositions for a pair of joggers, arguably whatever material is of a good enough quality should be fine, though the cotton and polyester blend for joggers has become most popular in recent times.

This blend between cotton and polyester allows for the joggers to be both comfortable but also flexible, with the polyester that has been added.  

We are not saying to break the bank when it comes to purchasing your joggers! However, do keep in mind that whenever you see a pair of joggers for an extremely lower price than usual, it may compromise in quality and longevity.

Often it is worth paying a higher price up front and purchasing a pair of joggers that will last you a long time than purchasing cheap joggers and having to replace them every few months. 


Look for Slim Fit Joggers 

When it comes to purchasing your joggers, you will want to opt with a pair that have a good shape, tapering down the leg. As we said before, joggers are meant to be slim, for a looser more regular fit, sweatpants would be your best option.

When looking for a good pair of joggers to add to your wardrobe, a slim fit is key! Again, a cotton polyester blend tends to be the most popular material for joggers, the cotton adds that extra comfort to your look whereas the polyester allows for that slim fit to be comfortable and stretchy. 

model wearing Militar Classic Hoodie and Joggers


What to Wear Joggers With 

Joggers can be worn to fit many different styles. Though they fit more into the casual wear bracket, joggers can be matched correctly to appear with a smart casual look too. In all honesty, joggers can really go with anything you please (outside of formal wear)! Here are some outfit ideas of what you can wear your joggers with: 


Hoodie and Joggers 

Wearing a hoodie with joggers is one of the most popular options today. The ‘tracksuit’ look is great when just going out and about, catching up with friends and family, or just relaxing at home.

The combination of both provides a casual look, which is favoured amongst streetwear trends. You can mix and match different hoodies and joggers when suitable. You can also add a little more style to the look by adding different layers such as t-shirts. 

Militar Self Tracksuit in Grey 


T-shirt and Joggers 

Combining a t-shirt with a pair of joggers is a nice weekend look! This outfit can be viewed as casual and a relaxed look too, adding extreme comfort to your day.

A well fitted t-shirt along with joggers that have the correct slim fit, is a great addition to any wardrobe. Just make sure that you check the weather before stepping out in the outfit, as if it is cold you may want to add a coat or jacket too! 

model wearing Militar t-shirt and joggers


Sweatshirt and Joggers 

The sweatshirt and joggers combo used to just be everyone’s favourite ‘at home’ outfit when having a lazy day on the couch. Now it has gone beyond the boundaries of your home to the vast outdoors.

Wearing a sweatshirt and a pair of joggers is a very common streetwear outfit nowadays, due in part to the increase in athleisure trends which sees many of us opting for comfort in our outfit choices. Equipping a nice pair of trainers with this outfit will complete the look ready for you to hit the streets.   

Model wearing Militar Classic Sweatshirt


Track Jackets and Joggers 

Leading of the last point with the increasing rise of sportswear, a track jacket and a pair of joggers is a great sporty look. The addition of these two garments to your wardrobe won’t only give you something to wear whilst training, but an outfit that is now suitable to wear out and about too. Two different looks with two garments! 

The outfit choices don’t end there! You really do have a lot of options when it comes to styling your joggers with different garments. Just make sure the joggers fit well with the other items you choose to wear. Some additional options include: 

  • Denim Jackets and Joggers 
  • Biker Jackets and Joggers 
  • Blazers and Joggers 
  • Polo Shirts and Joggers 
  • Dress Shirts and Joggers 
  • Bomber Jackets and Joggers 


Shoes to Wear with Sweatpants 

Just like the clothes you can wear with joggers, there are many types of shoes that fit well with joggers too! The most popular option to wear with joggers are trainers (sneakers). This fits into that streetwear style and look where trainers are a massive part of the whole outfit. 

Recently, running shoes have become very popular to wear with joggers, massively due to the likes of Nike who have pushed their training shoes into the mainstream. Many people nowadays opt to wear running shoes out and about because they are so comfortable!

A more formal look can also be achieved, if styled with the correct joggers, you can also wear boots and loafers. 


Finding Quality Joggers at Affordable Prices 

Joggers can be placed at different price points ranging from a cheaper cost, where the joggers are made up of a lesser quality material, to a higher end cost, where the item is made up of more premium, luxury fabrics.

Militar provides high quality joggers, at affordable prices. Not compromising on quality or comfort but giving customers the best of both for a great price. Check out our range here. 

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