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Why Militar Exists..

Militar exists to inspire people to pursue their own passions, finding their own purpose in life and accomplishing whatever they put their mind to.

Back in 2020, Militar was founded by me, Hasnain Siddiq during the Coronavirus lockdown. Militar arose from my own journey of finding purpose in life and passion for creating clothes and great content.

Now we aim to help others find their own passion and true purpose in life, as it is deep rooted into everything that we do.

Militar | noun | ˈmɪlɪt(ə)r
A soldier.

The name ‘Militar’ resonated with me deeply and felt like the perfect name. A soldier is typically someone who is known to endure pain and fight through any given circumstance they are in to overcome the obstacles they face.

We are all soldiers in our own right, as we all have to overcome our own personal struggles on a daily basis, as we go along our individual journeys to becoming our best and happiest selves.

Everything that we create here at Militar is thoroughly thought through, with a deeper meaning and further story behind each clothing piece produced.


Each garment created must reflect our ultimate goal of inspiring as many people as possible to pursue their own dreams and passions.

Militar clothing is designed to help you relax, train or just to look good!

Use it for whatever best suits you. Ultimately you decide what you want to use your clothes for, just like how you decide what you want your future to be like.


To play a pivotal role in inspiring primarily the younger generation, but also people of all ages, to push forwards towards their true passions and dreams, whilst empowering them with the clothing they wear.

Our Values

The Militar values are literally engraved into our name! Our values mean a great deal to us, they are a part of us and what we hope to strive towards and attain.


Tap a letter below to see what it stands for!

M indset
I nspire
L imitless
I nner- peace
T ime
A ctive
R elentless

Using our values, we created the ‘MILITAR MINDSET‘ to aid people on their journey. You can learn more about it all on our ‘MILITAR MINDSET’ page.

the militar story

What is Militar?

Militar can be categorised as a clothing brand. However, in essence, Militar is much more than that. Cemented deep into our roots is our mission, to inspire others to pursue their passions and dreams. Each decision we make, each step we take forward, is based on our vision and how we can progress to get […]

What does Militar represent?

Militar represents the personal struggles we all endure on a daily basis. Hence why we chose the name ‘Militar’, which can be defined as: “a solider”. We are all constantly battling our own inner demons, making us all soldiers in our own right. We are all Militar.  Militar represents you and I, a standard living, […]

What does Militar mean to you?

Militar means strength.  Militar means that I can defy the odds, no matter whether people deem it as possible, as long as I believe and work hard.  Militar means that I will find my why. My purpose.   Militar means that I will go on my own unique path, in search of finding my own inner-peace […]

What are the Militar Values?

The Militar values are at the core of everything we do, being the literal meaning of our name ‘Militar’, each letter represents a Militar value.   For those who aren’t familiar with the Militar values, they are:  Mindset  Inspire  Limitless  Inner-peace  Time   Active   Relentless  This makes Militar an acronym, showing just how important the Militar values […]

What is the ‘MILITAR MINDSET’?

The ‘MILITAR MINDSET’ is the combination of our Militar values. By adding them all together and applying them each day, it becomes the ‘MILITAR MINDSET’.  The purpose behind the ‘MILITAR MINDSET’ is to provide you with the structure and correct mindset required for you to succeed when chasing your own passions.  Each value has its […]

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