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The Militar Flow Collection: A Deeper Look

The Militar Flow Collection is our fourth collection. We based the Flow Collection on the concept of the ‘flow state’  which was inspired by the philosophy and way of life of Martial Arts icons. Flow is all about reaching that position where everything flows naturally. You become fully focused on the goal you have set […]

The Militar Converge Collection: A Deeper Look

The Militar Converge Collection is our joint third collection along with the Militar Camo Collection. For this collection we wanted to focus on the different elements that play a part in our lives. We all focus on different steps to achieve the goals that we have. These elements ‘converge’ together to help us reach that […]

The Militar Camo Collection: A Deeper Look

The Militar Camo Collection is our joint third collection along with the Militar Converge Collection. For this collection we wanted to focus on the iconic ‘camo’ print and what it represents. There are different meanings that we can take from it which we will go into in more detail in the next section, but it […]

Different Militar Outfits that you can wear

With many new releases to our Militar clothing range, we wanted to help you put together your best Militar fits with the vast options you now have when choosing clothes.  Here are some of our best fits and recommendations when choosing what Militar clothing outfits are best for you to wear today!    Hoodie with […]

How to Stop Procrastinating

We have all suffered with procrastination at some point. It is an issue we as humans have dealt with since the beginning of time! We struggle with delaying the activities that matter most to us. That unique feeling we get once we finally fulfil our goals (cutting out the procrastination), is amazing but rare. It […]

Sweatshirt vs Hoodie: Which one is best for me?

Are Hoodies and Sweatshirts the Same Thing?  Some people get confused when it comes to the difference between a sweatshirt and a hoodie, both are very similar. Generally, a sweatshirt is a pullover garment that is made up of cotton or a cotton blend material. Whereas a hoodie is actually a type of sweatshirt with […]

What to wear with Jogging Bottoms

What are Joggers?  Joggers were originally worn for exercise but over the last few years they have become a lot more fashionable and so are more widely worn. Joggers are athletic looking, light weight trousers that are commonly worn for sports. They are comfortable and are sometimes referred to as loungewear.   Joggers can have drawstring […]

Mindset is Everything

‘Mindset is Everything’    A small but strong phrase with a deeper meaning. Why is mindset everything? Why is it so important to us? Or is it not?   In this post we will go through why ‘Mindset is Everything’ when it comes to achieving success and reaching a state of happiness.  We all share a key […]

How to wear a Hoodie

What is a Hoodie?  A hoodie is a type of sweatshirt, jacket or jumper with a hood. Hoodies are nowadays generally worn for sportswear, casualwear and in recent times have become a favourite in the streetwear style.   When it comes to choosing a hoodie, a hoodie with no zippers seems to be the general preference. […]

5 Ways to Improve Your Self-Esteem

Self-esteem plays a key factor in our day-to-day life. It is the driving force behind what we believe we can do and achieve with our lives. We all have our good and bad days, but hopefully in this post you can learn how to overcome those days where you don’t feel as great.  What is […]

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